Tips To Consider When Hiring A React Js Developer

2023-03-02by NitinPatil

React Js developers face high expectations in this competitive field because of the popularity of the React framework.

Hiring a React Js developer is to find someone who can fulfil specific tasks and responsibilities.


React JS has become the technology of choice and one of the most preferred platforms for building websites and apps.

Facebook launched the React Js framework in 2013. This framework is an open-source React js library known for its simplicity and scalability.

Experienced React engineers handle sophisticated projects and are prominent in technology concepts like JavaScript. 

Developers are more likely to gain the maximum benefits of React Js. 

However, evaluating their technical experience and many other aspects is imperative before hiring React Js developers.

This blog highlights React js questions and answers that are prerequisites for React Js interviews.

Before you hire React JS developers, let's analyze the React js developer's roles and responsibilities.

 Let's understand them in detail.

React Js Developers Responsibilities

  • Firstly, React engineers should be able to create quality React js UI code using mock designs and wireframes.

  • Secondly, can monitor the React js code constantly to improve application performance.

  • Thirdly, proficient in designing user interface elements using React js development tools.

  • Fourthly, an expert in creating and optimizing reusable HTML/CSS/JavaScript components and making them cross-compatible.

  • Fifthly, ability to create efficient and clear React.js user interface code by utilizing advanced JavaScript techniques and incorporating various stylesheets and CSS preprocessors such as SASS and LESS.

  • Sixthly, expertise in managing the state of applications and functional libraries and workflows specific to React, such as Redux and Context APIs.

  • Lastly, perform QA processes and React js testing such as end-to-end, unit, and integration testing.

What to look for during an interview?

For junior React Js developers 

  • Firstly, A junior react developer should have at least 1-2 years of experience.

  • Secondly, a good understanding of the fundamentals of React and Angular frameworks.

  • Thirdly, well versed in HTML, CSS, BootStrap, RxJS, Git, JavaScript, and other relevant React js development skills.  

  • Lastly, should possess excellent communication skills.

For mid-level React Js developers

  • Firstly, mid-level React engineers should have more than two years of expertise.

  • Secondly, a good understanding of HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript, Angular, Git, and RxJS

  • Thirdly proficient with Node and other React js development tools.

  • Fourthly, familiar with JavaScript (ES6) and TypeScript, JavaScript (ES6) and Redux state management

  • Lastly, highly skilled in developing React js mobile apps with attractive UI and API endpoints

For senior React JS developers

  • Firstly, hire a react developer who possesses 5+ experience.

  • Secondly, should be able to create React js UI framework using React Js code and TypeScript.

  • Thirdly, proficient in React js development environments such as SASS, ES6, Unit Testing and web pack

  • Fourthly, familiar with various development paradigms, including MVC (Model-View-Controller), MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel), and IoC (Inversion of Control).

  • Fifthly, able to create RESTful services/ React js API

  • Sixthly, possess good communication skills.

  • Lastly, familiar with JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Vue, and Angular

Technical and Non-Technical Tips to Hire React Js Developers 

Technical proficiency 

  • Firstly, React engineers should be proficient in CSS styling strategies & React js fundamentals, 

  • Secondly, familiar with version control systems and JS build tools.

Adjacent technology expertise:

Develop React JS applications by hiring react developers with knowledge of JavaScript, ECMAScript, and other adjacent technologies.

  • Excellent planners: 

Hire a react developer capable of planning tasks and sprints efficiently and completing them on time.

  • Testing knowledge: 

React js developers should be familiar with React js testing tools and frameworks.

  • Interpersonal skills: 

React engineers should possess good interpersonal skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, teamwork, and open-mindedness.

The Bottom Line

There's no doubt that React JS is an eminent open-source javascript library to design attractive user interfaces. 

Thus hiring the right React js developer can be challenging for your project.

Hiring a dedicated React js developer will help you with increased revenues and achieve business success.

To avail of all these benefits, you should hire a react developer.

You can design a high-performing React js app with a suitable React js development company.

Software development company in India helps you with web and mobile application needs.

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