A Look At The Top Trends In WordPress Web Development For 2023

2023-02-03by Kevin Patel

WordPress has been developing and improving continually since its creation in 2003, and it has now become one of the top Content Management Systems for businesses.

Its widespread use is its versatility since it adapts in response to technological advancements and other updates.

Another significant advantage of custom WordPress development services is their ability to design exciting websites.

The platform is constantly introducing new features and trends to keep your site up to date with technological improvements. This blog will discuss WordPress website development trends to help your website reign in 2023.

5 WordPress development trends

1. WordPress 6.1

WordPress 6.1 was released at the end of 2022 with exciting new features, Phase 2 of their Gutenberg Page Builder project. 

Over 400 updates and bug fixes will be included, like block editor enhancements, new capabilities, and a new default theme. Moreover, WordPress has also been working to enhance ADA accessibility.

2. Headless WordPress

Headless WordPress websites use WordPress in the backend to handle content and other bespoke frontend solutions to show it to visitors.

Headless WordPress has several advantages, including customization, improved performance, and security.

WordPress-powered websites have optimized frontends that are smooth, responsive, load in milliseconds, and give an unparalleled user experience.

3. Artificial intelligence and neural networks

These are one of the recent additions to the list of WordPress ecommerce development for 2023, and it is one of the main components for establishing digital transformation plans.

Combining Artificial Intelligence with Neural Networks results in Artificial Neural Networks. It can be utilized in several new ways to improve customer experience and drive corporate growth through increased efficiency.

ANNs aid in raising turnover rates by automating tasks, which eventually decreases the time and effort required to complete that work if AI had not been utilized.

4. Voice search optimization

Because of the popularity of voice assistants like Siri, Google Now, and Alexa, as well as their user-friendly interfaces, voice search optimization has become an essential component of search engine optimization.

The custom WordPress development and WordPress Plugins database, which has over 55,000 plugins, includes several voice search plugins. Voice search optimization is popular since it improves a website's SEO and search engine ranking.

5. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, are one of the newest web development technologies that provide users with the whole mobile experience of a website without requiring them to install any app. 

The website can be pinned to the home screen and used as an app immediately.

The PWA technology is accessible as a plugin for WordPress. It delivers new caching tactics and greater user involvement with the WordPress experience by simply installing the website as an app on your phone.

Final thoughts

Users benefit from improved usability, more custom functionality, and higher security with each new WordPress edition. 

It is worth looking into these trends and hire WordPress developers if you are planning a website revamp or starting a new project from scratch.

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