Why Do Companies Choose To Migrate To Microsoft Azure

2023-01-13by Will Joe

Microsoft Azure offers attractive services such as computing, analytics, database, mobility solutions, storage, and networking to businesses of all sizes. We take security very seriously, and that's what makes us one of the most reliable providers in the industry.

Whether moving entirely to the cloud or using a hybrid cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing service of choice. The main reasons for a quick migration are:

Simplified Infrastructure Management
The biggest advantage companies take is in their cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Azure data Migration has the best infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that enables businesses to outsource cloud computing services on pay-as-you-go subscriptions. Microsoft manages everything from enterprise security upgrades to infrastructure upgrades to maximize cost flexibility. Star Knowledge, a recognized Azure infrastructure consultant, believes that in times of rapid technological disruption, staying on-premises is not a good idea.

Disaster Recovery
We live in an unpredictable world where disasters can happen at any time and once businesses are hit, recovery from the loss comes with a big price. Studies reveal 40% of small businesses never fully recover when hit by disasters and we can’t imagine their survival after such loss. Businesses are moving to Azure because they just don’t want to be another example among companies that suffered losses without cloud computing. Azure Site Recovery (ASR) delivers the best DRaaS (Disaster-Recovery-as-as-Service) to help you support major disasters without losing business continuity.

Admit it! Organizations face occasional onsite security breaches, and a rise in sophisticated cybercrime puts data center security at risk. Organizations not taking advantage of cloud computing invest a lot of time and money in protecting their data in constant fear of employee or customer data breaches. Organizations that choose Azure cloud computing recognize it as the most advanced and most secure cloud service.

Azure is Fast and Agile
Unlike other cloud providers such as IBM Cloud and Google Cloud, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining business-critical software and applications in Azure is faster than you can imagine. Enterprises explore new ideas and new business opportunities with Azure. Enterprises benefit greatly from Azure Stack, providing rapid innovation with the right amount of flexibility and control. Additionally, Azure's ExpressRoute connections are more reliable and faster than typical Internet connections.

Fully Integrated Development
Azure is a fully integrated development platform where organizations integrate everything from the Internet of Things (IoT) to Excel to ensure scalability and run busy, critical processes. With Azure, organizations can reduce the risk of integration failures and experience superior continuity. A fully integrated delivery pipeline enables companies to be more efficient and build a compelling business case during product upgrades and other changes.

Hybrid Model
You may be wondering if you need to move your business entirely to the cloud, or if you want to keep sensitive, mission-critical applications and data on-premises. Hybrid cloud model. The best decision is to move non-sensitive data to the cloud while remaining on-premises. This allows organizations to optimize existing assets and overcome complexity.

The Microsoft Azure Cloud Virtual Desktop is a great way to access computing resources that can easily be shifted up and down. You can rent a specific number of resources for your business's needs whenever you need them with Apps4Rent hosting services.

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