What Is Data Science, And Why Is It Important?

2022-12-08by mallu mallik

Let me first explain what data science is and why it is significant.

What is Data Science?

Every firm is aware of the significance of data as the world has entered the big data era. The storage issue was resolved once Hadoop and other technologies entered the market because this is a big data world. Thus its relevance is also expanding. The processing of data is currently the key area of concern. Although we have a solution for data storage, how do we process such a vast amount of data? Data science was introduced to the market as a solution to this issue.

Big data, data interpretation, and the advancement of scientific statistics have all contributed to the growth of the phrase "data science." A component of artificial intelligence is data science and machine learning.

Why Is Data Science Important?

Data used to be highly organized, small, and easily analyzable using BI or other readily available tools. Still, today's data is unstructured, large in size, and coming from various sources. By 2022, more than 80% of data will be unstructured, per the report. 

These unstructured data come from various sources, including multimedia formats, sensors, and tools. The BI and other tools cannot examine this type of unstructured data since they are not designed to do so. Thus, Data science entered the market to help with this. 

We can accomplish more by employing data science than just these few things. Data science has grown immensely popular as a result. Let's explore some further data science applications.

  • What if you could determine the customer's needs based on their current information, such as historical purchasing patterns, browsing patterns, age, and income? You will undoubtedly make a significant commercial profit if these items can be accomplished. Data science will make this feasible because existing analytics technologies cannot accomplish this.

  • What if predictive analytics could employ data science? Weather forecasting predictions may be made using data science. It may gather and analyze data from satellites, ships, planes, radar, and other sources to anticipate whether certain natural disasters will occur. For you to be prepared for any natural disasters

  • Let's use a different data science scenario to imagine that your automobile might bring you home. These autonomous vehicles collect data from sensors, cameras, radars, and lasers. After that, this data is examined, and your automobile decides when to accelerate, turn, and stop depending on this analysis. Modern machine algorithms are capable of doing this.


I hope you now understand the function of data science and its necessity in the modern world. Data scientists are pretty helpful in business decision-making and boosting company revenues. Thus, it’s a great time to shift to the demanding career of data science, AI and ML. The best data science training you can find is the IBM-accredited data science course in Chennai, which offers domain-specific customized courses for working professionals.  Additionally, it offers training in deep learning, big data, blockchain, machine learning, and 15+ real-time projects. 

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