Proven Website Speed Optimization Tips And Their Importance.

2022-10-05by Brandz Creation

Whenever a person clicks on your website, in addition to its attractive user interface and content, the website speed can create a big impression in his/her mind about your business. When we are talking about user experience, then you will not get a second chance.

The low speed of a website is a big irritant that can turn people’s interest away from your website. When you hire a website development company to either build your website or maintain it for you, then insist on ensuring excellent website speed. If your website offers great speed, you can expect a low bounce rate, high return visits, greater engagement, higher conversions, and a better-ranking website.

Therefore, go through the tips that we have shared with you in this article here to improve your website speed resulting in higher traffic and conversions.


10 ways to improve your website speed

Here is a list of 10 effective ways through which you can improve the speed of your website significantly.

Use a content delivery network.

A content delivery network is a web of servers spread across different geographical locations. These servers provide web content to the users as per their location. When you use a content delivery network, then instead of all the requests being sent to the same hardware, the requests are forwarded to the nearest server. This makes the website works faster.

Migrate to a better hosting site

The server where your website is hosted can impact the load time significantly. There are three popular types of hosting that include shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, and dedicated server. Amongst these, shared hosting is the cheapest and most popular, but they are not very fast. You can spend some money and migrate to either a virtual private server or a dedicated server to improve your website speed dramatically.

Asynchronous loading for JavaScript and CSS files

To improve the speed of your website, you can optimize how files are loaded on your web pages. Scripts like JavaScript and CSS can be loaded either synchronously or asynchronously. If you try to load them synchronously, then they will load one at a time, which will reduce the loading speed considerably. On the other hand, if you load these scripts asynchronously, then you will find that few of them will load simultaneously which improves the website speed.

When a browser loads a page, and it finds either a JavaScript or CSS file that is not asynchronous, then it will not load these until it has fully loaded that file. On the other hand, if those files were asynchronous, then the browser will start loading other elements on the page simultaneously.

Leverage browser caching by adding expired headers

You can install a plug-in to add expired headers and browser caching. The expiration header informs the browser whether it should request a specific file from the Web server or it could get a version of a page from the browser's cache itself. This act will follow only if the user already has your web page stored in their cache. This will help to speed up your website for those users who have earlier visited your website.

Reduce redirects

You must reduce the redirects from one page to another to improve the website speed. Every time one of your pages redirects the user to another page, then they have to wait for some time before the completion of the HTTP request-response cycle.

Remove render-blocking JavaScript

Most browsers have to build a DOM tree that analyzes the HTML before they can render a page. If your browser comes across a script during this process, it will stop and then execute it before it can continue with the process. This is why you should remove render-blocking JavaScript to improve the speed of your website.

Reduce the size of images on your website

If your website loading time is slow, then the reason could be all those eye-catching high-resolution images on your website. You may have them there to improve the engagement with your audience however, such high-resolution images comprise a lot of space and slow down a website considerably. You can ask your website design company in Faridabad to optimize these to improve the website speed.

Use fewer plugins

Most websites use plugins that add a special feature suggested by third parties. However, as the number of plug-ins increases, you will find that you will need more resources to run them properly. This, in turn, can result in slower website speed as well as can lead to security issues also.

Disable hotlinking of images

If other websites hotlink your website images, then it impacts the website speed besides reducing your bandwidth. To prevent this and ensure that other sites do not steal your bandwidth, you must disable the hotlinking of images from your website.

Shorten round-trip times

The round-trip time is the amount of time that is taken for a user to send a request and the server to respond to the request. This time can be affected by numerous things, one of which is how many requests are sent to the server simultaneously. If you want to reduce the number of requests sent by the client, then you should use CSS sprites and call fewer images, combine and minify your CSS and JS files and avoid calling anything you don’t need.


If you go through the findings of experts relating to their studies on the users and website speed, you will find that an ordinary user expects the web pages to load within three seconds. If your website does not fulfil this important expectation, then you are likely to lose on website traffic resulting in lower revenue.

Furthermore, mobile users are most likely to move and will leave your website in a hurry if they find your website slow to respond. Therefore, you should seek the help of a reputable website designing company in Delhi NCR to test your website and fix any issues that affect its speed.

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