What Are The Basic Cloud Host Security Considerations?

2022-10-04by Hosting MENA

Putting your data/files online sounds secure but not secure enough if you don’t know the basic terms. Security has always been a major concern in web hosting, and nothing has alleviated the customers’ apprehension – not even cloud hosting.

Many customers are used to storing their sensitive files and data on-site as they don’t believe a third party. However, in the case of cloud hosting, users have to store and fetch the data from a virtual server located at an unknown place. In that case, they would ask for basic security considerations, and we are here to explain them!

Cloud hosting is designed with utmost security considerations behind its back, and the words are true. This post will reveal the basic cloud hosting security considerations. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Basic cloud host security considerations:

A cloud hosting server has a virtualization layer that provides security advantages to hosted websites. Cloud hosting never stops working on improving the security environment because it is not something that you can tick off the to-do list. We have compiled a few security considerations for cloud hosting, but they are only a drop in the ocean. Let us roll through the list!

1. Virtual server isolation:

Virtual machine isolation in cloud hosting is a hard-to-understand concept – especially for non-technical users/customers. Website owners often believe that their website is hosted on the same server with various other sites, which is true. The setup reminds them of shared website hosting; however, there is a significant difference between the two.

In traditional shared hosting, all the websites on a server share their hardware resources. On the other hand, multiple virtual machines can reside on the same cloud server; they are more like individual servers. It is a relatively secure setup with isolated virtual servers and resources.

2. DDoS Mitigation:

The web hosting world is probably more worried and disturbed about DDoS attacks than anything else. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks take nothing but a hacking forum and a botnet. Cybercriminals often hire a botnet infected with malware and set a target website for an attack. DDoS is inexpensive and easy to launch as they ask for no technical skills.

The botnet can flood a website with traffic, overloading the software and hardware behind it. However, it is not as effective against a cloud server as against traditional servers. The underlying architecture in cloud hosting is stronger! Do you want to host your website on a cloud server? Consider contacting the best cloud hosting provider in Dubai and ask them for help!

3. Access control:

Taking care of your website security begins with implementing a firewall. The same goes for a web hosting platform security like a cloud server. A firewall implemented on a cloud store can see who wants to access the data stored and identify whether the person is authorized to do so.

Firewalls often keep logs which are vital during this investigation. Moreover, these security logs can help website owners avoid incidents and keep a good shape. A properly configured and managed firewall is a crucial aspect, and it can make a meaningful difference.

4. Regulatory compliance:

Various incidents have affected millions of websites, and the scenario prompted regulatory compliance and organs. They are meant to create standards for implementing security tools and procedures applicable to both hosting providers and website owners. A bonus tip for businesses to find the right hosting company is that they would have placed a badge stamp on their website regarding regulatory compliance.

However, assuming that a web hosting provider with a badge is the safest option could be a grave mistake. Security is a never-ending process, and a cloud hosting provider will never abandon it. Apart from regulatory compliance, you can find the provider working hard for your server to make it secure.

 5. Vulnerable software:

Outdated software could be an easy gateway for hackers, and most website owners often overlook the point. An outdated software suffers countless vulnerabilities, and site owners should stay on top of the updates. Hosting your website on a secure server like the cloud can help you deal with such issues and keep hackers away.

 Updating an application or plugin might affect your website performance sometimes and can lead to downtime. The best remedy is that hosting providers should offer tools to ease the process. Do you want to host your website on a secure platform? Consider contacting reliable web hosting companies in Dubai like HostingMENA to take your website performance to the next level!

Add more security to your website with a secure web host!

A secure web hosting platform can add security to your website and keep hackers away. You can capitalize on the latest security trends for better website performance with updated security firewalls and plugins. Consider calling web hosting companies to purchase a reliable web hosting platform for your website!

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