Top Four Email Security Gateways 2022

2022-09-13by Ela Lewis

Email gateway is an essential line of defense for every business as it secures your email exchange over the network and safeguards sensitive information from cybercriminals. Typically, an email gateway is software that monitors email transfer on a server to secure the sent and received emails. It also stops potential cyberattacks such as spam, phishing emails, malware, and other threatening viruses and worms– ensuring email security.    

Now email gateway blocks unwanted or unsafe traffic from entering our network – we get it. However, which email gateway is the most trusted and would be the best for your business can be a point of contemplation. To help the enterprises decide which email gateway to choose, we have listed and compared the top four Email Gateway solutions/ software. All four options are renowned, effective, and trusted solutions to offer you an efficient and safe emailing experience.  

#1 Proofpoint   

Proofpoint is the world’s biggest email security vendor generating over a billion dollars in annual revenue. It is one of the top market-leading email security gateways; caters mainly to SMEs and start-ups.As a service, Proofpoint provides email encryption, file archiving, and protection against email security threats – all under one umbrella with a single admin console. With a range of compliance reports and data logs that it offers, businesses can gain enhanced control and visibility into their email networks. Moreover, its global cyber threat intelligence technology helps you stay on top of the advanced email or social threats.     

With Proofpoint Email Gateway, you can collect more than 100 Bn data points daily and analyze 100 million plus email boxes, more than 200 million social-media accounts, and around 7 million mobile apps. In short, Proofpoint is an advanced, cost-effective option for small and mid-sized businesses that works perfectly at protecting your emails from advanced security breaches.   

#2 Microsoft Defender (Formerly ATP)   

One of the most popular email gateway solutions is Microsoft Defender (formerly ATP) for Office 365 native protection. It includes Microsoft Outlook as a trusted platform to boost safety and productivity. With Microsoft Defender, it’s easy to administrate business emails and protect against advanced threats like email phishing and malicious links. 

With Defender, businesses can detect and block suspicious files in sites and doc libraries such as SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. OrganizationspreferMicrosoft Defender because they no longer have to invest in third-party email security tools.   

#3 Avanan   

Avananis an advanced AI-based cloud email protection software that keeps your inboxes safe in apps like Outlook and Gmail. WithAvanan, enterprises can deploy an effective machine learning technology to stop malware/viruses from spreading into your network in real time. It even protects your emails from varied email threats, including data loss, phishing emails, and ransomware.   

One of the best features of Avana is its easy installation and usage. Its AI-based detection helps analyze archived emails for intruders and fraudsters and prevents domain spoofing.   

#4 SpamTitan   

LikeAvanan, SpamTitanis is also known as an easy to set up and use email security gateway software. WithSpamTitan, you get antivirus protection to block known spam using the signature-based detection method. It scans emails for recipient verification and offers in-depth compliance reports.   

SpamTitanis an email security gateway platform that allows for practices like Whitelisting and Blacklisting to manage permission of incoming and outgoing emails. Businesses using this email security platform can curate custom policies to generate block lists at different levels: user, domain, and domain group levels.   

The Bottom Line   

It’s no surprise that more email gateway solutions are evolving in the market to keep different industries protected from security breaches. Market and security analysts even forecast that new email gateway solutions will emerge in the upcoming years with double the speed. Why? Because email gateways are special email servers that scan and analyze incoming and outgoing email traffic for spam filtering.   

Cloud-based email gateways like Proofpoint(recently partnered with Ace Cloud Hosting) protect businesses against phishing and dreadful malware like ransomware by using multi-scanning layers to identify such malevolent practices and filter them as spam. Email files, links, and attachments which behave suspiciously and might contain malware are flagged as spam and sent to a Sandbox for complete detonation.   

Out of all the listed email security gateway solutions,Proofpointoffers the advanced Nexus AI for a robust and effective Business Email Compromise (BEC)Defense. Moreover, the platform scans emails accurately and blocks sophisticated email frauds, such as payment redirects and supplier invoicing frauds. Hence, it’s perfect for businesses dealing in finance or sharing confidential finance-related data of their organization or clients. 

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