Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch For In 2023 And Beyond

2022-09-09by James Kirk Egypto

AI applications already have considerable significance in our day-to-day life. Smart assistants, self-driving cars, healthcare management, disease mapping, and social media monitoring are some of the most commonly known artificial intelligence examples. Tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Samsung have never failed to influence and dazzle us with their innovations and provide an edge to people worldwide.


Top AI Trends to Watch Out for 2023 

There is no debate that tech companies across the globe are fighting for supremacy in artificial intelligence applications to revolutionize their digital transformation efforts. A time would come when it would be difficult to tell where artificial intelligence stops and humanity begins. IBM currently leads the AI market race with more than 9%market share and 5500 patent families as of November 2020. Samsung and Microsoft also have their part played with close to 500 patents. These key players have life-changing AI applications that have made businesses across different sectors more profitable. However, let's talk about the upcoming artificial intelligence trends in 2023 and beyond that are likely to take over the world's capabilities.

Advancement of Conversational Artificial Intelligence Applications in 2023 and Beyond

Google Home, Alexa, and Siri are a few conversational artificial intelligence examples. Most companies have adapted and applied conversational AI in their support contact centers with technological advancement. However, the contemporary conversation AI model does not use AI to its full potential and leaves the customer with a disconnected experience. Since AI uses pre-stored data and dialog, the user experience is fragmented and ends in asking for a human agent. Fully automation of conversation artificial intelligence applications is yet to be seen however, these have proved to handle more traffic. It is said that with the advancement of AI technology, we will soon be able to experience AI conversation more human-interactively.


Revolutionizing the work of NFT artists

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have demonstrated greater competency for artists and how they are rewarded. Sketching an art piece in contemporary fashion is a great and unmatchable skill however, not everyone has a good hand at sketching. Artificial intelligence applications have made their way through this, allowing you to make the perfect art using AI-based applications. Most devices today have AI applications that help you finish your task more efficiently and convincingly. 


Shortly, you will be able to use voice commands to draw a picture. For example, if I command the AI to draw a picture of a monkey holding a baseball bat, it will precisely draw the same, and the rest can be customized per your art requirements. This will be a revolutionary innovation wherein artists can display the best of their work in a more organized way with the help of diver artificial intelligence applications and get rewarded.


AI to become Mainstream in Judiciary System

As crazy as it sounds, AI is already been used and seen in some courtrooms. Facial Recognition has faced many backlashes as one of the most controversial technological innovations. It has been one of the extensively used artificial intelligence applications in policing. There have been several cases where facial recognition software proved accurate and has huge potential in solving crimes. Further, risk assessment is one of the artificial intelligence application trends in 2023 that the judiciary system will adopt.


Explicit Crypto Market Predictions Using Artificial Intelligence Applications

One of the best examples of artificial intelligence. Cryto.com, ZenGo, BlockFi, Gemini, Binance, and Coinbase are some of the widely used crypto investment platforms. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, cryptocurrency investors have had consistent returns because crypto mining is done 24/7. With over 4000 cryptocurrencies, it is challenging to make the right investment because the crypto market is known for its volatility and fluctuations. A lot of technical analysis goes in before a crypto investment can yield returns.

Blockchain technology being the core of cryptocurrency, AI can be implemented to face the challenges encountered in the current crypto and AI model. Analyzed data will be collected and processed, including news, social forum, articles, blogs, and stock messages. This will be backed by an artificial intelligence application that will analyze the market sentiment and give the most accurate prediction.


Omnipresent Attention in the Healthcare Industry

Since Artificial Intelligence (AI) was invented in the 1950s, there has been a debate about whether AI is taking over humans and their jobs. In 2018, using over 50 thousand normal chest images and 7 thousand scans that showed active Tuberculosis, a deep learning algorithm was developed, which showed an accurate diagnosis. Since then, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning have been the most common forms of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry. Artificial Intelligence examples in healthcare are mostly pathology-assisted diagnosis, intelligent imaging, medical robots, and analyzing patient records. Major tech giants have presented their innovations and machine learning models to leading healthcare players, and most of them will be implementing Artificial Intelligence in their business models. So, we must watch for future artificial intelligence trends in 2023. You can check ProjectPro Machine Learning Projects to learn more about machine learning.


Range of AI-Based Software Solutions

Many organizations have adopted AI-based software solutions for tapering and more industry-specific use cases. According to a survey, in 2021, 56% of the current organizations will have at least one or more artificial intelligence-based applications for their major business functions. With that being said, the future of AI looks encouraging. Some AI-based software solutions likely to gain attention in 2023 and beyond are Cloud-based AI models, Neural Networks and Deep Learning, AI Chat Bots, and Apps.

Artificial Intelligence and its applications are very similar to that of air. They are everywhere; we just don't see them. AI has a lot to offer, and we have just seen the tip of the iceberg. So please watch out for the latest and trending innovations that are yet to come in the immediate future.

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