How To Use Big Data To Boost Your Non-Profit Marketing Campaign


When you are looking to ensure that you are running the best non-profit marketing campaign possible that can truly make a difference with the people you are in contact with, it is important to understand the power of technology to give you that maximum impact.

One technological tool you might have thought about but haven’t properly implemented yet is big data, which can truly transform your non-profit’s chances of success. Now you should look at the rest of this guide, which will give you an overview of how to use big data to boost your non-profit marketing campaign. Read on now to learn more.


Boost Awareness in a Topic You Believe In

A non-profit lives and dies on the topics that it promotes; if it’s not truly committed to its beliefs, then it can end up on a list of the worst charities in the USA. This means that making sure that people are interested in the types of topics that you are promoting is absolutely essential. No matter whether it’s a civic topic or you are fundraising, by using big data, you can make sure that you are getting in touch with the types of people that you believe truly matter.


Find a Great Service That You Can Trust

Once you have identified the types of people that you should be getting in touch with, then you should definitely be using a great text messaging service to get your message directly into their hands. If you are looking for a fine suggestion in this regard, then it is worth checking out the services available at Tatango.com. SMS marketing is more effective than email marketing as people don’t ignore text messages in the same way that they ignore emails.


Create User Profiles

Before you are able to run a successful non-profit marketing campaign, then you should be aware of the types of people that you are marketing yourself to. One way to understand your user better is to look into the possibilities that are involved with creating dedicated user profiles. The advantage of creating a user profile is that you can then get a solid idea of what any potential user is like, allowing for better targeted marketing. Just make sure that you have strong anti-virus software to make sure that you don’t lose user data, as Facebook found out as a result of the Cambridge Analytica leak.



It has been the exclusive aim of this guide to give you a complete overview when it comes to using big data to boost your business. Now you should be able to easily make use of this vital tool in order to make sure that you are reaching as many people as possible. In order to truly maximize your chance of success, it is definitely recommended to implement every single one of the suggestions that have been written above in this guide—finally, good luck in your journey to running the best non-profit marketing campaign possible that gets results.

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