Best Ways To Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

2022-08-25by Vikash Kumar

The success and failure of an app are decided by the return on investment. But, a significant role is also played by mobile app users. Ultimately it is the users who are going to bring in the revenue for the mobile app and determine whether the app is use-worthy or not. Hence, when you are into mobile application development, your prime focus should be your users. User acquisition is the best way to make your app a huge success and earn money.


To engage and retain mobile app users, one of the most important things is to deliver them a user experience that they don’t get with other apps. There is no scarcity of applications in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you don’t deliver the best, competitors will be available to grab your spot. Hence, mobile app UX plays a pivotal role. Here’s what you need to do to improve your user experience and deliver an out-of-the-box experience.


1) Efficient Onboarding

Onboarding is demonstrating how they can achieve what they want that too efficiently and speedily. If the users face difficulty navigating the first few screens, they will abandon the app without giving it more time or thought. Delivering efficient onboarding is the first right step in attracting and retaining users.


One of the tactics to implement a good onboarding experience is to keep a tutorial video showing how to navigate the app. This will help users understand the app and guide them if they get stuck at any point. Having an onboarding video is the best option if you have complicated features and hidden functionalities in the app.


2) Go For the Native Platform

Of course, cross-platform app development comes with advantages like cost savings and speedy development. But, when it comes to delivering smooth and glitch-free performance, Native app development is the best way to go. In the case of native, Android, and iOS app development are done separately. This makes it easy to manage in the long run. Also, the functionalities of both these platforms work differently. Hence, if they are developed separately, it would deliver a better user experience.


3) Simple Mobile App Design

One of the trending things about mobile app design is keeping it minimalist. Users and clients are both looking for a design that is easy to understand and simple. Users will ditch complex apps and complicated design structures.


Users have a predefined mindset, and having an obstacle would ruin their overall experience. This will frustrate the user, and they will end up spending more time than usual and then eventually stop spending time on your app at all. Hence, keep the design sassy but simple, cute but not cluttered, and feature-rich but not full.


4) Test Your App to Make it Even Better

Even the best ios app developer is bound to make mistakes while developing the app. But that doesn’t mean users have to use the same buggy app. Hiring quality assurance services to find bugs and solve them for user acquisition is better. Usability testing, manual testing, unit testing, compatibility testing, and automation testing must be done.


Every feature and functionality must work flawlessly with devices of every type and size. The app should not crash with a sudden increase in users. With every testing, the app is taken a notch higher and closer to users' hearts.


5) Personalization

Personalizing the app's experience will be a miracle in acquiring more users and sustaining them for a very long time. Personalize the UX by displaying relevant content on the user's screen, and they will automatically land on your app, becoming a user. Eliminating the extensive search and serving the users exactly what they are looking for would decrease the bounce rate and increase engagement time.


Wrapping Up


Take care of your users as they are the ones you do all this hard work for. Creating an optimized mobile app user experience includes several elements working systematically to satisfy users while meeting the user's goals. Set aside conventional practices and adapt a mobile-specific way of thinking. Top app development companies must keep track of changing users' behavior and change their android or iOS app development tactics to fit their needs.

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