How To Increase Online Sales For Your Ecommerce Store

2022-06-23by Vista Shopee

So you’ve just set up a new eCommerce store for yourself. You have handpicked all the trendy products along with their images and added them to your online store. Now your website looks aesthetically good, done with the final checkup and here you are ready for the online sales to roll in.

But wait one second!

How are you going to get online orders? Do the online prospective customers know what you sell or do they really are aware that you have started an online business?

Getting your eCommerce store up and running is just a small milestone that you have achieved in your online business journey. Now you need to streamline certain strategies to up your marketing game so that you can reach out your products to several customers online who are looking for the right products.

So pull your socks up and get ready to know some of the simplest and affordable strategies that you can apply initially to market your website and products and seal the right deal with your prospective online visitors.

Mobile-First Approach

Did you know that according to Statista In 2020, the penetration rate of smartphone in India had reached 54 percent and now it has been estimated to reach 96 percent in the year 2040. 

So today it is obvious to say that smartphones have become a major part and parcel of our lifestyle. And to a great surprise, even mobile phones have seriously impacted the purchase decision of several customers.

Customers' buying process begins with researching products online through their mobile phones and then ending up with purchasing products online through websites or mobile app stores.

So just imagine, if your brand is present in your customer's pocket 24X7 in the form of an app store on their mobile screen.

Then voila!

They would instantly be impressed just swipe the products, add to the cart, done with the payment and here they have purchased the product from your online app store.

It feels so satisfying, doesn't it!

To let you feel it in reality, VistaShopee helps you to get into the mobile phones of such customers by having your own app with your own brand name and logo as an icon along with the possibility to market, share, and grow your app. 

Product images initiate purchase decision

For many buyers, pictures are the most important aspect of whether to buy or not) a particular product. For some, it is even more important than the price!

For your e-commerce business product images are the silent salesman that lets you crack the right deal with your online visitors who may get impressed with the attractive products images that you upload.

When products are viewed from every angle it builds up the trust upon the product in the minds of the visitor and encourages them to click the BUY NOW button. This is all made possible with VistaShopee which lets you add unlimited product images from every angle to showcase your products in style.

Even for those who do not decide solely based on the pictures whether to buy something or not, pictures still play an important role. It just comes down to this, a bad quality image leading to confusion and ultimately no sales.

So it is always recommended that you shouldn’t leave your customer wondering what your product actually is and what it consists of.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are more than just social media posts or simply having social media accounts isn’t enough. You need to have an active presence in order to make the best impression with your potential customers.

Social media platforms let you maintain brand reputation and transparency between you and your online visitors.  

In fact, you can take absolute benefit of social media by sharing your website or products link into your social media post. This helps you to draw traffic to your official website and this way visitors can have a glance through your products which then drives them to make a purchase.

Similarly, social media groups and forums are a holy grail, if used effectively then they can be a great source to drive traffic and ultimately online sales to your e-commerce site.

Social Listening

Social Media is one such kind of marketing tool that it can make or break an online business. It acts as a legit business profile for many online visitors to scan the quality of the company and its products. 

So here’s why social listening comes as a part of a strategy to increase your online sales is that, In an online world, the customer is the king and their needs and requirements need to be taken into consideration. Many people reach out to brands on social media because the platforms feel more accessible, or because they might have a quick, simple question that they need help in resolving.

If you as a brand take the initiative to pay attention to the visitor queries and complaints and make your business more approachable then you can secure more repeat customers and even encourage new ones to take the plunge, driving online sales.

Good Website User Experience

Your online website is your doorway that sets the first impression in the minds of the visitor. 

Even though your website looks aesthetically divine it's of no use if your website couldn't bring adequate online sales for you. 

Your prospective visitors landing on your website should be able to easily navigate your website. Your products segregated under related categories makes it convenient for the user to filter and browse through your products and get educated about your products. VistaShopee lets you create multiple product categories that makes it simpler to explore wide product offerings.

When your website offers an excellent shopping experience to your online shoppers then they would not leave any chance to get impressed and finally settle the deal with you.

Freebies and Discounts

Giving your customers a taste of your product or service with free trials or samples is perfect for sealing the deal and driving online sales.

For example, if you are into the software business, VistaShopee makes it possible with its affordable platform to let your customers download the free trial of your software, tempting them to finally buy your product after trial.

Running discounts with promo codes encourages customers to try out the product for the first time as the cost risk factor is low and why not existing customers would also be enticed to use the discount offer for their own benefit.

Easy Checkout Process

According to a study from the Baymard Institute, 27% of customers who abandoned their carts during checkout did so because the checkout process was too long or complicated.

The purchase decision of many customers is dependent upon the number of steps required to go through the payment process and the available payment options to choose from.

It is always recommended to simplify the payment process by limiting the steps needed to finally clicking on the Proceed to Pay button. Plenty of folks still prefer the COD facility so don’t forget to appease such kinds of audiences. VistaShopee has many popular payment gateways pre-integrated like Razorpay, CC Avenue, PayU, Instamojo, PayTM, Cashfree, etc enabling you to accept payment through Debit/Credit card, Net Banking, Wallets, UPI’s.

So a simple, accommodating checkout process will play a big part in helping increase online sales!

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the simple strategies or suggestions that will really help you gather some quality online sales.

Whether your online business is big or small we are pretty sure that your primary goal would be to increase online sales and soar higher than your competitors.

While some strategies might not be viable for your business type, the right combination of marketing strategies will help you settle online sales deals with your prospective customers.

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