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2022-03-29by nancy parker

Starting a business to streamline a plan or idea into reality is the ultimate goal. Being an entrepreneur, the burden is on you to turn your initial idea into a big profit. How often entrepreneurs achieve success during their startup phase may depend in part on how well they execute their original plans. But any business actually doesn't see success until it has had to temporarily face many challenging obstacles along its way - and as such, temporary defeats are expected in most cases when starting a new business of course. The main reason why most startups fail in their early stages? There's no one true answer here but one thing is certain - many people have been asking this question but few have successfully answered it.

This is very important for business owners to understand and admit the many ways in which they can help make their business more profitable. Cloud technology has been taking the business world by storm, providing new platforms that are highly flexible but also very reliable and scalable which is essential when it comes to providing security. The revolutionary cloud platform known as "Drake Cloud Hosting" offers just this, helping accountants & tax professionals' businesses become much more productive and bringing greater profitability as it does so.

The advantage of allowing Drake tax hosting in an accounting & tax business is not hidden from any individual. It comes with many benefits: instant data backups and recovery functionalities, robust security protocols, and more! But what's the best benefit to businesses? Many small businesses are noticing an increase in productivity by implementing cloud strategies for their business. Here are five ways that can help you understand how this improved approach with Drake cloud hosting is useful to your small business:

1. Seamless connectivity: 

Be it a business or non-business environment, you can work on the same set of files and projects with your team members. Working in the cloud helps enterprises raise their profits. Businesses that are remote-enabled tend to be more profitable than others because one does not have to use the time for commuting and looking for parking, or any other such inconveniences. With Drake on the cloud, tax businesses can effectively connect with people who may be distributed all over the world but are still able to join discussions, share and solve business complexities of a company together.

2. Big Data efficiency:

The cloud is an advanced technology that offers cut prices at the same time allowing you to manage your money, resources and business much better. For businesses, this all too often means being able to operate more effectively, turning a profit sooner than would be possible without it. Businesses can also use these tools for their own betterment by analyzing the data in their very own cloud. The data analysis is especially helpful when looking into both the supply and demand of goods so as not to overstock or undersell them - ensuring greater success overall.

3. Easier recruiting & retention:

It has become easier for businesses to hire the best-suited candidate for a position to help with your tax & payroll, rather than the candidate who is destined to be local. While previously tax firms had little choice but to look elsewhere, Drake cloud-powered computing allows them to employ anyone regardless of their location, as they make do with advanced telecommuting solutions.

4. Scalable solutions:

Businesses constantly have to adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape. But with the integration of cloud computing, it's now easier for businesses to change their strategies and make the necessary adjustments that are needed for businesses to grow efficiently. A scalable solution stimulates the efficient handling of essential responsibilities like manufacturing, shipping, and retail services like accounting, marketing, and more by completely reliable vendors online. This kind of efficiency is an integral part of doing business in today’s competitive world. Scalability is the major benefits one can have if they mitigate their data with Drake cloud hosting solutions.

5. Flexibility:

Having a place to store ideas, data, and documents in the cloud has been quite an advantage for businesses. In the on-demand world of giving solutions to business problems, a cloud network could be a solution in providing flexibility and agility to businesses instantly. Cloud computing platforms provide instant solutions for businesses' complexity.


Accounting & tax Businesses often don't have the time, energy or capital to invest in their own infrastructure to host payroll and taxation software for their businesses. However, the Drake cloud hosting has made it extremely easy for them to get this type of support without having to pay upfront, and pay only for what they need as they use it. This eliminates expenses directly related to owning a computer and also allows clients to take advantage of hosting that has been built specifically with security in mind so there are no future issues down the line.

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