Top Dropshipping Suppliers: Which One To Choose In 2022

2022-02-23 by Alex Husar

Without a doubt, online retail has gone a long way. Yet, with the recent uncertain times all around the globe, more and more eCommerce business owners are on the lookout for ways to squeeze the most out of their current stores. So are you seeking ways to raise your online store’s game? The dropshipping method may be one of the solutions that are worthy of your attention.

On this page, we’ll introduce you to the subject, gladly give recommendations on how to find dropshipping suppliers in 2022 that’ll suit you. We will also share our selection of the greatest suppliers from our point of view.

What Are the Benefits of Dropshipping?

As mentioned previously, being an intermediary can just be the key to cracking the puzzle. That said, among the greatest perks of introducing dropshipping to your eCommerce business is the chance to gain from being a mediator. For starters, many companies even tend to try dropshipping with the aims of “testing the water” of a new niche.

You can make a profit off displaying and re-selling goods that are beyond your own store but under your own brand. It goes like this: you buy the requested product at wholesale price from your partner-supplier after your customer pays you for it at retail price. Put simply, after establishing a partnership with a supplier, you emit costs on stocking the inventory, there’s no need for you to deal with the actual physical product (e.g., pack it for delivery), and your partner is responsible for shipping the items to your customer.

It all goes down to the collaboration fee that you and your partner agree upon (f.i. a one-time payment, monthly payout, order-based fee, pre-order fee, shipping cost coverage, just to name a couple of possible options).

As such, if you’re a Magento store owner, you can lift the bar by partnering up with dropship suppliers and making use of consequent Magento dropship integration services that’ll allow you to efficiently handle the orders. However, you should know that Magento has recently stopped supporting its previous Magento 1. A smooth transition to M2 will require dealing with common Magento 2 migration issues to ensure your online store’s secure and proper work.

With dropshipping, you can not only provide your shoppers with a broader selection of products but also have no need in a warehouse for such external goods. Moreover, your supplier sells more thanks to being additionally displayed in your store. It’s a win-win for all sides.

Overview of the 10Best Dropshipping Suppliers

It is more than fair to say that based on the business specifics and the aims of your online retail store, there can be more than one dropshipper option that’ll be suitable for you. So, for those of you who are wondering, “Where can I find dropshipping suppliers?” we’ve put together a list of the top choices of potential partners that you may consider.

1. SaleHoo.com

Screenshot taken on SaleHoo

Opening the list is perhaps one of the most well-known supplier directories in the dropshipping sphere today, SaleHoo. It emphasizes the ease of researching suppliers and the most trending items, gives training materials, and provides support (which are among its strong sides, indeed). Connecting suppliers with retailers, the service comes at a pretty accessible price, plus it has a 2-month return policy.

2. AliExpress

Screenshot taken on AliExpress

Mentioningfree dropshipping suppliers, the Chinese AliExpress is another world-known site to be surely covered in the topic. Presenting the online retail version of Alibaba, it has a very vast collection of products and a free sign-up. The platform is considered to be a good dropshipping option for those who are only starting out as it won’t give newbies too many risks.

3. Dropshipper.com

Screenshot taken on Dropshipper.com

Offering ready-made solutions for those who want to start out in the sphere, Dropshipper.com is among the often chosen options. For example, in this case, some of the things covered are a domain name, multiple design options for the future store, as well as importers for products, and advanced marketing tools, including SEO. What is more, the site also provides access to an easy-to-use list of categorized retailers at a rather low cost.

4. Oberlo

Screenshot taken on Oberlo

Developed especially for the needs of online stores that are built on the Shopify platform, Oberlo is becoming increasingly in demand. Therefore, if you're a Shopify-based store owner, don’t overlook Oberlo for sure.

Some perks of the plugin worth bringing up are that it has a free Starter plan and provides access to a cross-checked directory, keeping thousands of products that have passed verification at your fingertips. Of course, you can get a more enhanced plan too.

5. Doba

Screenshot taken on Doba

With a slightly different approach to dropship suppliers, Doba offers a more limited range of suppliers in its list compared to similar services. Yet its undeniable advantage is that it takes care of integration with the suppliers as opposed to just providing a listing, thus, connecting wholesalers with manufacturers. Additionally, Doba has a rich product catalog and even pitches a 1-month free trial.

6. Nordstrom

Screenshot taken on Nordstrom

Focusing on a large spectrum of products, Nordstrom is a well-recognized department store chain in the USA. The dropshipping section of the business has got you covered in categories of clothing for adults and children. Besides, it charges no fees for signing up and has a ready solution for integration.

7. Worldwide Brands

Screenshot taken on Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a trusted supplier directory that presents a broad selection of companies with wholesale products. Being among the oldest ones of its kind, it has earned credibility for listing quality suppliers that are legitimate and safe to work with.

Worldwide Brands claims to have the largest and most comprehensive collection that’s out there. Interestingly, the service has also been certifying wholesalers around the globe for over 20 years.

8. Wholesale Central

Screenshot taken on Wholesale Central

One more popular supplier directory, Wholesale Central, has won over the hearts of many eCommerce companies. It provides the opportunity to browse supplier listings free of charge. With an extensive database with more than 50 categories and over 15k suppliers, Wholesale Central states that it carefully checks each one for being legitimate. That said, it is an excellent spot for searching for retailers.

9. Megagoods

Screenshot taken on Megagoods

What’s for US dropshipping suppliers, Megagoods boasts a broad selection of electronic devices and a warehouse set in California. Its main advantages include the fact that they offer to deliver the client the purchased product in the packaging that’ll have your online store’s branding. Often chosen by businesses in the USA, it should also be noted that, as a rule, due to location, the delivery times are cut.

10. Wholesale2B

Screenshot taken on Wholesale2B

Finally, closing the list of the best dropshipping suppliers is Wholesale2B. It’s a multifunctional environment that has handy solutions that allow app integrations with online stores built on platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Furthermore, using Wholesale2B, you have the opportunity to sell products on eBay and Amazon too. Not to mention that it grants charge-free access to a large directory and numerous plans to select from.

Final Say

To conclude the above, depending on what you’re looking for, there may be more than one fit when it comes to selecting your dropshipping partners. Similarly, in case you have a large turnover of orders there exist extensions and solutions for your online store that’ll help you handle the process. Bottom line, giving dropshipping a shot can do your eCommerce business good!

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