How To Choose The Right Offshore Software Development Partner In 2022

2022-02-09by Vipul Makwana

Offshore software development is one of the most promising and cost-effective options to drive business in this pandemic age and beyond. Entrepreneurs can effectively meet challenges related to resource limitations and budgetary constraints with the help of customized offshore software solutions. But then, it is quite difficult for them to choose the right development partner because there are so many software development companies out there. 

In this post, we are going to give six practical tips to choose the right offshore software development company for your upcoming project. Hiring a team of dedicated developers from a reputed offshore software development company can enable you to decrease operational cost and get the best talent at a competitive rate. What’s more, you can save a lot of time and effort as the company provides 360-degree offshore software development services under one roof. 

As per the recent survey, the lease value of the IT outsourcing market is predicted to increase by $409 billion by 2022. This number seems achievable since many entrepreneurs tend to jump on the outsourcing bandwagon specially during this pandemic age. This trend is here to stay, and it is beneficial to know some of the key points when you want to hire dedicated developers for your company’s upcoming software development project. 

Top Tips to Select the Right Offshore Software Development Company

Here we jot down the top six points you should keep in mind while hiring an offshore development company.  

Check Portfolio

Before assigning your project to an offshore development company, it is necessary for you to know whether they have worked on projects similar to that of yours. You can go through the portfolios of shortlisted offshore software development companies to ensure that the developers you have hired can demonstrate the required tech skills for your project. Most companies have put portfolios online, and in this digital age, there is no point in believing false claims of software development companies. 

You can also ask for client references to get more ideas about the methodology of the team of developers. It is also necessary to go through the development company’s past record of meeting deadlines and completing the project without increasing the expected budget. 

Ask for a Disaster Recovery Plan

An offshore software development services provider should have a robust and reliable disaster recovery plan. It can help the provider to return to normal soon after facing any unavoidable situations or natural calamities. A business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan should include the aspects like power failures, cyberattacks, load VPN tests, and backup scenarios. 

It is fair to mention that the offshore software development company that you want to choose should be ready to meet any unexpected situations efficiently. Be it an external issue or an internal one, the development company should come back to normalcy soon. 

Review Testimonials

This is one of the very important factors to consider. While choosing the best offshore development center, you should review the client’s testimonials. All the references and video testimonials with reviews on reputed rating websites can assist you to select the most suitable software development company for your IT project. 

These days, various online ranking platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms provide all the details and reviews of various development companies. You should go through such information and check the shortlisted companies’ social media profiles to get more ideas. This can help you make a plan to work with the selected software development company in the best possible manner.  

Find Cultural Fit

A software development project can continue for a long time. Therefore, if you want to ensure success in the project, you should hire dedicated developers who are capable of handling any difficult situations without compromising on their performance. In other words, you need to hire a team of developers that can work as dedicatedly on your project as your company’s in-house team. You need to keep the factors like logistical difficulties, language and culture-related differences, and management capabilities before selecting the software development company. 

Many development companies provide the facility of interviewing developers to know their soft and hard skills. Such interviews can assist you to find a culturally fit team for your company. 

Make a Roadmap

This is one of the initial steps you should consider while opting for outsourcing your project. It is always beneficial to prioritize long-term business goals and make a strategy accordingly. Though the project may have some short-term goals, it ultimately works toward achieving long-term goals. When you make a roadmap by including priorities, requirements, expectations, and budgetary provisions, chances are high that your project achieves success. 

While contacting an offshore development company, you can get more ideas based on software development trends through a roadmap. As you need to hire dedicated developers for a relatively long time, it is necessary to make a roadmap or a proper plan to get an optimal outcome in the given timeframe. 

Consider DevOps Expertise

A development company with solid DevOps expertise can assist you to reduce IT costs. Such a company can offer a comprehensive infrastructure audit and planning for understanding the potential risks, opportunities, and requirements based on your road map. DevOps experience is useful in the infrastructure and CI/CD process automation as well. It enables developers to focus more on the features of the software as compared to the ways of integrating them. 

In other words, process automation and expertise can enable your team of developers to work more efficiently. You can save big on the project cost and get the software with desired features on time. Also, a software development company with expertise in DevOps can assist you to optimize the usage of infrastructure and resource costs. 

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