How Microsoft Teams Will Change The Way We Communicate?

2022-02-04 by Juliette Anderson

Technology in the modern world has dramatically changed how we communicate. It’s rare to find an office that doesn’t utilize email, text messages, and instant messaging (IM) to stay in touch with one another and manage projects. These are all valid tools when it comes to communicating, but they have their drawbacks as well. 


Microsoft Teams is the new enterprise collaboration tool that allows teams to communicate, collaborate, and share information. Using a familiar email client-based interface, Microsoft Teams offers end-to-end encryption and integrates with popular cloud applications such as Office 365 and SharePoint. However, there are more features that are unique to Microsoft Teams that you need to know about. 


Here’s how Microsoft Teams will change the way we communicate.


Communication Is Changing

Over a decade ago, email changed how we communicate at work. A few years later, social media arrived on our desks and revolutionized how we connected with each other. Now, a new trend is underway: Chat tools like Slack and HipChat are gaining ground in offices across America as more companies move away from email as their preferred method of communication. 


But if you think these programs just offer slick text messaging to replace email, you’re missing out on their real potential. These chat apps might be game-changers when it comes to office communication. Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype, Slack, OneDrive, and other Microsoft applications. It's a secure, private messaging app that lets you have conversations with people on your team.


The Rise of Digital Channels

For many years, we’ve relied on emails and instant messages to communicate with each other. However, now, digital channels are becoming much more important. With how quickly smartphones have penetrated into our daily lives (there are now over 6 billion people using mobile devices across planet Earth), it makes sense that we’re turning to our cell phones for a variety of reasons, including business communications. 


In fact, several companies (such as Microsoft) have created tools specifically for businesses. Because it might be difficult to cut your reliance on email overnight, why not turn a portion of your team communication toward another channel? It may require some tinkering and adjustment, but considering that 81% of corporate knowledge workers consider collaboration software very effective or somewhat effective in increasing productivity, maybe you should try something new.


Meetings Are Changing

Communication is becoming a two-way street. Our traditional, leader-centric model of communication doesn’t work so well anymore. Today, teams are more dynamic than ever. 


A team member might be located across town or across an ocean—they could be working in a different time zone, speaking a different language, or using equipment that doesn’t include microphones and webcams. 


In addition to changing how we communicate with remote colleagues and partners, new tools like Microsoft Teams allow us to access information faster and more efficiently than before. 


Video Chat is Increasingly Popular

Video chat is an increasingly popular tool for communicating with friends, family, and colleagues. While once, we would have resorted to writing a letter or picking up a phone call, video chat offers us an opportunity to connect more intimately with one another. 


Video calling has been around for quite some time, but it is becoming increasingly important in the workforce. Many businesses now require their employees to take part in video calls so that they can perform better at work. 


Video calls enable you to maintain a professional and efficient manner even when you are out of the office. They also help businesses connect with their customers on a personal level and develop better relationships with them. Businesses and corporations now can easily make video calls via Microsoft Teams.


Teams Works across Platforms

One of the best things about using Microsoft Teams is that it helps me reduce your dependence on third-party applications. This is beneficial to people who are productivity junkies. The reason is that they prefer using fewer apps over having to switch between several different ones just to get their work done. 


By helping me cut out time-consuming app switching, people can be more productive and efficient in completing tasks for others. It’s certainly easier for them to simply send an email or create a new task in the Team when they need something from someone else.


Also, with document collaboration integrated into each channel inside Microsoft Teams, people can easily share documents with coworkers without leaving the chat window where we’re collaborating.


Productivity for Remote Employees

If you’re working remotely and don’t have an office to go to, it can be difficult to get your team together. A great way around that problem is to use Microsoft’s new collaboration tool: Microsoft Teams. 


This software allows teams of workers to collaborate on projects and stay in touch easily. Team members can communicate through voice, video calls, or instant messaging. They can also send each other files or connect with other apps they use like Evernote or Slack.


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