Why Are Businesses Looking For Big Data Consulting Services These Days?

2022-02-03by Abhishek Jain

Nowadays, businesses worldwide are coping with enormous amounts of data acquired from various offline and web sources. Analysing and interpreting this data well is crucial to ensure the sustenance and growth of these ventures. However, handling this mammoth amount of data is no cakewalk. Not only do you need specialised software applications for decoding and analysing such data, but the services of specialised data consultants are also required. They ensure the data is properly analysed and the BI tools are used best. 

The role of a big data analyst or consultant

A big data consultant has expertise in dealing with massive amounts of data obtained from diverse sources. Such an expert plays the role of advisor to companies regarding proper ways to deal with such data. They also help develop big data strategies for client companies. They are experts in every aspect of data analysis. These consultants also guide and train employees of the client companies in using BI tools and adhering to big data usage guidelines. That is why the power bi consultants are in huge demand. 

A veteran big data consultant is usually knowledgeable in computer programming languages such as Python, R, Java, Ruby, etc. He/she may also be well versed in handling RDBMS systems and proficient in cloud services. Additionally, a big data analyst should possess top-notch communication skills and have a logical way of thinking. 

Advantages of hiring a big data consultant for a business

A business can obtain so many advantages by hiring a veteran big data analyst. These are:

  • There are many BI software and tools available in the market, and you can choose any of these for your data analysis and visualisation needs. However, the reality is your workforce may not be skilled enough to extract the most out of such applications. Even if they obtain training in such applications, the expertise of a big data analyst can be very useful for guiding them.
  • The top big data analysts can develop suitable strategies for the client companies. Not every company has similar business goals and workflow in place. These consultants can observe and analyse the needs of each client. They come up with a suitable data analysis strategy after that.
  • The BI solutions are laden with plenty of features. These tools also come with a lot of customization options. The BI consultants are aware of how to use these features. When they are behind your workforce, their productivity level goes up.
  • When you hire a big data analyst for your company, saving time is possible. These consultants are experts in utilising BI tools properly. They develop a data analysis and visualisation strategy that minimises bottlenecks in the workflow. The team can analyse data and generate reports without requiring much time, and various teams in the company can share resources efficiently. As a result, more work can be done in less time.

Things that a big data analyst is expected to do

When you hire big data consultants from leading power bi consulting services, they are expected to perform certain tasks. The scenario may not be the same across the client companies, though.

  • Identifying data sources- The data consultants will identify and pick the data sources initially. They may use third-party software solutions, various cloud services, and in-house applications of the client company. Based on the situation, they may pick several data sources. These sources will be linked to the BI tool, and data will be fetched at regular intervals. The consultants will oversee the data linking and acquisition process.

  • Setting up filters, parameters- After raw data is obtained from various sources, it is necessary to clean and compile it. This is what the big data consultants manage. They guide the employees in their client companies to tweak the data filters well. 

  • Tweaking security settings- A big data tool is used to deal with many sensitive data beyond doubt. These may include customer information, transaction records, and vital company information. Maintaining the safety of the data is of utmost importance. So, the big data analysts tweak the security settings in these tools in apt ways. They ensure apt-access permission is granted to the users and there is no risk of data theft. 

  • Setting up data visualisation strategies- While the BI tools come with embedded data visualisation capabilities, your team needs the insight and guidance of a data analyst to develop a suitable data visualisation strategy. These analysts guide them in picking the right visual elements like maps, graphs, and charts to obtain the best results. 

  • Report creation and sharing- After the data is analysed, sorted, and visualised using a BI tool, generating reports is necessary. Once again, the expertise of big data analysts is what your business needs. They can set up strategies to generate reports at intervals and ways to share these with relevant parties. This makes things convenient for the employees and management.

Apart from these, a power bi developer and big data analyst can look after many other things. Such an expert may also train your workforce to use the BI tool in the right ways and integrate it with other software tools already used in your setup. They may also enlighten them about the pitfalls. 

Ways to hire the best big data consulting agency or professional

Nowadays, you can find plenty of agencies offering big data consulting services. Of course, there are freelancing power bi development professionals with expertise in this domain. Picking the right agency is important. For this, you need to assess the contenders using some crucial parameters.

  • First of all, you have to learn about the expertise level of a big data consultant. Check out the clients he or she has worked for. It is better if you hire a consultant who has worked with clients of varying profiles. Do not forget to enquire about his skills in specific disciplines of IT technologies.
  • It is also important to check out the client reviews of a big data analyst. This can be found on the agency website but checking out the social media sites is something you can do as well.
  • Before you sign up for the services of a big data consulting agency, do not forget to learn about its service terms. It is better if you know everything about its packages, including service exclusion areas. 
  • A professional big data consultant is likely to explain the nuances of the services to you at the beginning. In fact, it is expected that you will be offered a detailed consultation session. Unless your queries are clarified on various nuances of the service, do not finalise the deal.
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