AI And Digital Marketing: How To Transform The Way Your Teams Do Marketing In 2022

2022-01-26by Julia Kavik

Before developing your marketing strategy for 2022, please, explore innovations in digital marketing, that will impact the success of your business activity. Have you ever noticed that the right moment to start a marketing campaign is only 30% of the possible success? Experience and observation show that a smart and well-thought-out strategy based on the use of the latest technologies and tools is at the heart of business growth and increasing profits. Digital marketing today is one of the key tools that can both move forward and slow down a business. Let's take a closer look at trends.

How to Apply Digital Marketing and AI World to Your Business?

The wide variety of new marketing techniques, technologies, and toolkits can be confusing. Before choosing any of the options, carefully study each of them. But here are some almost universal tools that will actively develop and boost your business in 2022.

1. Advance Customer-Oriented Approach

The customer-centric approach can be dramatically improved with AI. By applying advanced algorithms, you can make more customized product recommendations for each specific customer. This method is already used by Amazon and Netflix, thanks to which not only their popularity is growing, but also brand loyalty and profits.

AI-based recommendations can be applied to almost any industry and business because it is based on the analysis of the priorities and preferences of a user, his behavior on the page, purchase history, etc.

2. Chat with Chat-bots

It seems that chatbots are already everywhere: online stores, banks, medical services. Since their introduction to the present day, AI-based bots have already managed to change several generations and become "smarter" and more prepared to communicate with users. They can be widely used for basic FAQ services and for guiding the user through procedures on your site. The use of the AI chat assistant, available 24/7, is cost-saving and has the ability to be closer to your client. However, it is also an opportunity to collect and organize data about your customers. The constant development and growth of AI technology in this direction makes bots one of the must-haves for successful digital marketing implementation.

3. Optimize Conversion Rate with ML Algorithms

Conversion rate optimization has recently become the Holy Grail for many marketers. Everyone is looking for the best way to get feedback from their digital actions. Studies show that ML algorithms can help to understand user behavior. In turn, this information can later be used to make a decision, or create a landing page that will bring the most conversions.

AI business potential is not limited to these opportunities, but these areas will be the fastest to develop and bring benefits in 2021 for marketing campaigns.

4. Don't Underestimate Video Ads

The popularity of platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram opens up new opportunities for digital marketing. Three-quarters of purchases in the US and Australia were made after video ads. The main benefit of such advertising is that it quickly, and easily demonstrates the features, advantages, and results of using the product. The interactivity of this marketing tool can be the missing ace in your Royal Flush marketing strategy. Use it for cosmetics, toys, appliances, or any other product where the demo will have the maximum effect.

Tell stories: this is a trick, but it works. You are unlikely to fit all the data about the product in one photo or a short text, moreover, it will most likely be skipped, but a short engaging video, the plot of which you want to know to the end, is a win-win strategy.

5. Pay Attention to Micro-Influencers

Attracting macro-influencers - people with huge audiences or celebrities - has proven ineffective and quite expensive. Unfortunately, it has been noted that collaborating with mega-popular influencers does not produce the desired or minimal predictable outcome.

While micro-influencers will soon be the next digital boom in marketing. As a rule, they have their own niche and the level of engagement of their followers will more likely bring a lot of conversions. It's also a great way to reach exactly the target audience that needs your product or web development services.

6. Implement Voice Search

Voice search is still a controversial marketing trend. We have heard about it in the last few years and yet its development and application are not so great. Some associate this with an insufficiently high level of technology development, others - with the uselessness of the idea as such. However, many futurists agree that this is more an investment in your future than something that can bring real benefits today. The effectiveness of voice search will depend on how popular it becomes thanks to major developers - Amazon, Apple, Google. It is predicted that it can be used to leverage gains in organic traffic with high purchase intent. In the meantime, it can be a feature to attract new customers.

In Summary

Constant changes in the market force companies to adapt quickly and apply new and non-traditional methods of promoting goods. The digital marketing campaign looks more and more like a complex mechanism, where each element should be of maximum benefit.

What strategies are you using in your business and what technologies are you planning to implement in 2021?

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