8 Best Live Chat Plugins For Your WordPress Website

2021-12-17by Juliette Anderson

When you visit a website, you might notice a small chat box that asks, "May I assist you?". Depending on your activity on the page, it may potentially initiate a conversation with you. This is the outcome of a live chat plugin. A live chat plugin is a piece of software that you may install on your website to allow for real-time communication with the visitors or customers on your website.

A live chat widget is added to the bottom right or left corner of your website when you use a chat plugin. Live chat is an effective technique to provide your users with immediate assistance. It enables your customer support agents to interact with website visitors in real-time. Adding a live chat plugin on a professional website is crucial since it provides immediate solutions and responses to visitors' issues and inquiries.


An abandoned cart is undoubtedly one of the biggest enemies of the eCommerce industry, cutting down sales and overall revenue by half. It has an impact on both large and small businesses. The most common reasons for potential customers abandoning their cart are delayed responses, poor email-based customer support, and delayed turnaround times. A live chat plugin is the ultimate solution to this problem. It enables you to provide immediate support and help, which leads to increased sales. Let's take a look at some of the other advantages of incorporating a live chat plugin into your WooCommerce store, as well as some of the top plugins that may help you do so.


What are the advantages of using a live chat plugin?

For the following reasons, businesses prefer connecting with website visitors and customers using live chat:


Quick issue resolution

Nobody likes to wait for hours or even days to get answers to simple questions or queries. People would usually lose interest and move on to another website with better service or forget about the purchase altogether. The number one aspect of an excellent customer experience is instant issue resolution. You can deliver the kind of real-time service that clients expect by investing in a live chat plugin. Answering queries for a few minutes could save you hours of back-and-forth support correspondence. You save a lot of time by responding to clients' questions instantly in a chat format.


Reduce cart abandonment

When a visitor adds a product to their cart but does not complete the transaction, this is known as cart abandonment. As discussed, you'll want to cut down on this as much as possible. This is something that live chat plugins can help you with.  You can quickly resolve any lingering doubts or uncertainties that clients may have by using a live chat service. Many plugins can also trigger cart recovery emails with optional discount coupons to encourage them to complete the purchase process. By providing real-time sales assistance, a live chat plugin can help to prevent cart abandonment.


Increase conversions

To assist customers in making quick decisions, businesses must be swift in responding to sales inquiries. Most people who shop online or even in brick-and-mortar stores are guilty of making purchases impulsively.  Live chat is an excellent way to convince visitors to buy anything on the spur of the moment. Your customer support agents can assist clients in feeling confident in making impulse purchases, much as sales staff do in person. They can quickly respond to any queries customers may have, reducing the likelihood that they will lose interest and leave without completing the sale.


Boost customer loyalty and retention

Your support agents will be able to convert every interaction with customers into an outstanding experience by providing timely responses to product or support questions and boosting customer loyalty and retention with the help of a live chat plugin for your website. Brands that actively communicate with visitors are way more likely to convert visitors into paying customers. This very same group of customers also tends to spend more, with a high average cart value.


8 Best Live Chat Plugins for Your WordPress Website


LiveChat is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides active chat invites that send customized messages. It also initiates the conversation when a visitor satisfies certain conditions, like the number of pages viewed or even the time a user spends on the site.  Multiple chat sessions can be active at the same time, canned responses to FAQs can be sent, and files can be sent directly from the chatbox. Chat widgets can be placed on any page of your website, including the Checkout page. The LiveChat WordPress plugin makes it simple to link your site with their product. The chatbox is user-friendly and straightforward. However, the cost of the plugin may vary depending on the number of support agents you want to add.


WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin

WSChat is a feature-rich, compact, user-friendly, and AI-integrated intelligent live chat plugin for WordPress, that allows you to effortlessly connect with customers and convert their problems into actionable support tickets. It is integrated with Google Dialogflow, which allows you to trigger automated conditioned responses to their inquiries. This plugin stands out from the crowd with complex capabilities including video recording and sharing, sending attached files, the ability to send chat history to email addresses, and accept support feedback. WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin can also be easily integrated into WSChat which helps you to easily convert a chat conversation into a support ticket if it requires prolonged assistance.



Olark's live chat capabilities are the best for connecting with website visitors and customers instantaneously.  Because it continuously refreshes customer information, this WordPress live chat provides quick access to information and insights. If you want to optimize products and services based on consumer insights, Olark is the best WordPress chat plugin to use. It records all sessions and website clicks. It is an excellent tool for businesses who want to better understand their visitors and eventually help increase sales with the help of their findings. Businesses can respond to customer issues as soon as possible and obtain practical insights into what they expect to build long-term connections with loyal customers.



Tawk.to is a great choice for people who want a variety of features for a reasonable fee. It enables businesses to track and communicate with website visitors, reply to support tickets, and offer a help desk where customers can go through the knowledge base. Tawk.to is a 100% free way to add chat capabilities to your website. Real-time visitor activity analytics, chat logs, language translation, and more are just a few of its fantastic features. Plus, it's absolutely free to use, however removing the Tawk.to logo from chats will cost you $15 per month.



ZenDesk is a well-known customer relations platform that includes a variety of software applications. ZenDesk is an all-in-one management solution that is suitable for users that wish to administer everything from a single location. This is especially helpful if you want to communicate with people via different channels, such as Facebook, and manage all of those chats on your website. With intelligent features like activity-based prompts, Zendesk's live chat plugin for WordPress optimizes your customer support.



Intercom is a renowned communication platform that provides live chat that assists businesses in strengthening connections with customers across their journey using instant messaging. With the help of the plugin's conversational support funnel, it is possible to provide excellent support at a large scale. Unlike many of its competitors, the plugin is lightweight and sleek, making it feel less stuffy and more personalized. Ai bots, product demonstrations, compatibility with Slack and Facebook are among the various beneficial features of the plugin. If you have a higher budget and want a more tailored approach to customer support, Intercom is a fantastic option.


Tidio WordPress Plugin

For those looking to add simple chat assistance to their website, Tidio is a good, economical solution. It's mostly a chat service with some email marketing capabilities thrown in for good measure. All of it is controlled through a centralized platform, making it much easier to respond to any customer concerns. It is easy to configure, user-friendly, and includes email and Facebook Messenger integration. Incoming visitor notification is one of Tidio's core features, allowing your support agents to communicate with customers as soon as they visit your website. Plus, because Tidio incorporates chatbots, you can relieve your service employees of a lot of the manual work.


HubSpot Live Chat

If you want to track all of your marketing activities as well as live chat and its insights from one centralized platform, the HubSpot live chat is an excellent choice for you. The WordPress live chat plugin from HubSpot allows you to use your WordPress site to connect with visitors using chatbots and live chat, among other things. HubSpot's Plugin for WordPress includes an email layout builder, marketing automation, HubSpot's freemium Customer relationship management, and built-in data monitoring, in addition, to live chat capabilities. The HubSpot WordPress plugin is free to use, but advanced functionality will need a premium version.


To Conclude

Adding a live chat plugin to your website is an excellent approach to add a personalized component. Whichever live chat plugin you choose, it will almost certainly have a variety of different features that will meet your company's requirements. There are many options to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding one that meets your requirements. You can improve your communication with customers, decrease support time, gather more information, and boost profits by implementing one of the plugins listed above. If you have any questions regarding live chat plugins, please let us know in the comments section below.

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