Essential Elements Of A Small Business Web Hosting Service

2021-12-14by Juliette Anderson

The reliability of a small business web hosting service is an essential element of choosing a service for your site. Though most hosts have a track record of avoiding server outages, they can go offline. Make sure you only deal with web hosting with a proven track record.

Your chosen provider should make it easy to roll out new websites or expand the current one without changing the configuration of your existing site. As most small business owners haven’t had the experience with hosting before, and haven’t studied to have a career in technology, knowing the basic principles of hosting is essential to lead to a good choice.

Here we tried to select the main features to help make the right choice for web hosting.

Main Hosting Service Features For Small Business

 A small business web hosting service should offer a variety of features and plans that are tailored to your needs. You must look for a dedicated server, security, reliable storage, good customer support, and more.


The hosting service and renewal fee price must fit your current budget and business needs. It would be best if you considered the growth goals of your company. If you plan to expand your online presence, you should consider a small business web hosting provider with scalable plans.

Monthly Traffic

You may not be aware, but some web hosting has limited traffic per month and will charge you an extra fee if you pass this number. So pay attention to this feature when choosing your hosting.


Email service

A small business web hosting service should offer email hosting as its basic packages. Some companies offer this for free, while others require a fee.

If the hosting offers email service, ensure they can let you have unlimited email accounts. You can get free email accounts but with storage limitations in some cases. In other cases, you can have a free email account by server management platforms, such as Cpanel.

 In addition, check if the provider offers a free SSL certificate.

Good Customer Support

A hosting company should offer good, responsive 24/7 support, either live chat or telephone, that immediately resolves website issues. It's crucial to maintain a website up and running without downtime. 

Companies like GoDaddy have these services, but the quality has been decreasing over the years, and your wait time can be long if you need help, either by phone or chat.


An excellent small business web hosting service should offer file storage space for databases, different files, and media. A secure and reliable hardware host is good to consider. It should also provide a 99% uptime guarantee, which means the servers are fast and stable.

It's crucial to use a blog as part of your website. For SEO purposes, this is one of the main strategies used. It can make or break your website. In such cases, a managed hosting solution is the best choice. In addition, a small business should have the ability to expand its website.

Pre-Installed Apps

A quality small business web hosting service offers pre-installed apps like a one-click installer, a great tool that helps install other WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

The features have a particular widget that lets you quickly build a website and efficiently manage it. Having a website is essential for a successful small business.

Other features like file manager, DNS management, and PCI compliance are essential.


Security, Backups, And Uptime

Your hosting company should provide you with the tools you need to keep yourself safe. Tools such as firewall and backup are essential to protect your business from malware attacks.

Besides security, your hosting should have an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. This means your website will only be down for 8hs 45mins and 57s for the whole year. 


Accessibility and Blogability

Ensure that your provider has the option to access your website in case you want to make some changes. Ensure they provide the ability to log in online and check your email away from your computer in case of emergency, like when outlook crashes.

Blogging is another avenue to generate revenue for small businesses, ensuring the web host meets minimum requirements for WordPress, which is the leading blogging platform.


What About Shared Hosting?

Sharing hosting is a viable plan to consider as it's cost-effective and will save you some money. You will share a host with other users. The server will host multiple websites.

The cost can go as low as $1 per month!

The resources are immense and provide for websites growth and success. It's suitable for basic websites as it's more flexible and accessible to self-manage. The shared hosting offers enough bandwidth for the website and gives the desired online presence.

The downside to this arrangement is that those other sites could have problems affecting everyone else hosted on the server. You may get your website a bad reputation to be hosted together with some spammy websites.

So, if you prefer efficiency, you are better off spending more; cheap can be expensive.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, when planning to get a website host provider, ensure you conduct extensive research on different providers, ensure you settle on the best that provides regular backup services, excellent customer service, and round-the-clock reliable and efficient support.

The essential features will help jumpstart your online business journey.

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