Understand Mobile App Hosting In Detail To Make An Informed Choice!

2021-12-02 by Arjun Solanki

Things To Know Before Choosing Hosting Service Provider For Your App!

After successfully developing a mobile app for your business, you will need an app hosting service to properly host your app. Using a third-party server is highly recommended since the power of your computer cannot handle a complete app. High-quality service is the best solution to help your users make the most of your app and ensure it performs as expected.

A good web hosting server powers your mobile app and makes sure that it is fast at the user end. However, before hosting a mobile app, several questions run through your mind, and you need to do extensive research to find proper answers to all such questions. This will help you obtain the maximum benefits.

To help you get through the process without any hassle, we have written this blog today. We have listed some of the most common questions that you will have to ask yourself or the company to whom you outsource mobile app development as they move forward in the app development process.

Without further ado, let’s know everything about mobile app hosting.

What is App Hosting?

A developed mobile app is just a final product, and for the users to download the mobile app and use it, the app needs to be hosted on a public server. A simple way of understanding mobile app hosting is by imagining a computer known as a server. The computer contains a file of an application, this file stays on always and the information in it is also 24/7 accessible by the users and the developers.

Why do you need mobile app hosting?

Hosting services enable the backend of an app to run on servers. If a mobile app has simple functions, the entire backend will be a part of the user's device, but it needs to be hosted somewhere if an app has complex functions. Also, something should be provided to the mobile app so that the requests are executed in it.

Hosting services like Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web services provide a foundation to your app. Also, the hosting of mobile apps is somewhat similar to the hosting of web apps.

What are the types of hosting services?

There are four major hosting services widely used by businesses to host their mobile apps. They have dedicated servers, VPS hosting, shared hosting, and cloud hosting services.

Methods of hosting

Hosting is required to allow your users to download and use the app. Apps require some kind of network access for prospective users to use an app. This process is known as application hosting. You can choose one service to host your app that suits your business among the different hosting options available.

That said, if you have gotten an app developed by a mobile app expert and if it has some complex functionalities, you should look for a hosting service provider that can do the heavy lifting.

What are the benefits of cloud mobile app hosting?

Cloud Mobile App Hosting offers several benefits that are listed below:

  • Scalability

As far as cloud hosting is concerned, system resources increase, whereas a regular server has limited capabilities. Also, if the number of users using your app increases, your app will need increased capacity. You can increase the computing power of cloud hosting with the help of a button.

  • Reliability

If your app is on a server and is tampered with, your app will be gone too. The same is the case when the app exists on interconnected machines. It means, even if some data from the server disappears, it remains on the network.

  • Versatility

Based on the product's specific needs and your business, you can choose a solution. With cloud customization, you will not have to look for standard packages; instead, you can choose the architecture, the space, OS, processing power, etc.

How to choose the best hosting for mobile apps?

A wide range of options is available when it comes to picking a mobile hosting service. Based on the needs of your mobile app, you will have to choose a hosting service provider. A few factors are to be considered when you need to decide on the hosting service.

i. The amount of hand-holding you will need, i.e., the customer service you want for your mobile app.

ii. Understand the different types of servers available to know the best option available.

iii. The amount of traffic that you expect to get on your mobile app.

iv. Know the unlimited offers available and make the best judgment.

How much does it cost to host an app?

Now that you know you will need a mobile app hosting server, the next step is to identify its cost. When you are on the lookout for a server in the market, you will come to know that there are different servers available and that their costs vary too. However, you should still figure out the standard cost of hosting your app on a server to know the estimated price of app hosting.

In general, an app, when hosted on a server, costs somewhat around $70 to $320 per month. Though, several factors together influence the price that you will have to incur. The price depends greatly on the content you serve to your users, your storage needs, projected growth, and the mobile app's active users.

The above-stated factors will help you determine the cost you will have to incur for the server.


Before choosing a hosting service provider, you should analyze your requirements carefully. This will help you choose the best hosting provider for your mobile app. You can either choose to outsource mobile app development or can also choose to code it yourself. Hosting service providers have several deployment options to make the process and choice easy for businesses. They are also capable of handling the backend of your mobile app with greater ease to ensure performance.

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