5 Cloud Security Resources That You Should Be Using

2021-11-24 by Ankit Thakor

Cloud computing has revolutionized digital storage completely. Not long ago, we used floppy disks to store our data, which later evolved to compact discs and flash drives, and now we have cloud computing where our data is stored in a massive database. This indicates that we have come a long way in terms of optimizing digital storage.


 Cloud computing is one of the most remarkable technological capabilities that is helping us in so many ways, especially in making data easily accessible from any device with an internet connection.


However, these perks also come with an added risk and vulnerability in the form of security breaches as many hackers are there, so seek access to our data without us even having a faint idea about the breach in security. This makes it essential to ensure enhanced and strengthened cloud security to make us less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

But, What Is Cloud Security?

Cloud security is an umbrella term that involves many different technologies and procedures used to establish a safe and secure cloud computing environment. These practices offer protection against both internal and external cybersecurity threats. Cloud computing has become an integral tool leveraged by almost all digitized businesses of the modern age.


Therefore, when we use cloud computing for operating our business, it leaves our sensitive data vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security breaches. This makes cloud security very important as one can secure their data and make your business more secure. Thus every business or individual must adopt the best cloud security practices to prevent anything unwanted from occurring.

The Significance Of Cloud Security

For all of us using public cloud services, it is very well known that our data is stored in a third-party database which means that almost anyone accesses this data. One might think that such instances are rarely occurring, but many would argue otherwise. Numbers from recent research show that 25% of companies relying on public cloud infrastructure have experienced theft of data by hackers. Further, 20% of these companies have dealt with advanced attacks against their public cloud infrastructure.


This should worry us all because 83% of companies have accepted that they store sensitive information in the cloud, and 97% of businesses from everywhere around the world benefit from the capabilities of cloud computing today.   

Industry-Best Cloud Security Resources

Now that we have a general overview of cloud security and its significance in the modern-day computing environment, it must be equipped with the right resources to ensure enhanced cloud security. Therefore, let us check some of the best cloud security resources that we should be using.


1.  CSA Cloud Controls Matrix:

The Cloud Security Alliance, commonly known as CSA, has released the fourth version of their well-known Cloud Control Matrix. This is a highly advanced framework for controlling cybersecurity in different types of cloud computing environments. The framework is created by leveraging the best cloud security practices devised by the Cloud Security Alliance themselves.


Furthermore, the v4 of Cloud Control Matrix covers almost two hundred different controls organized in seventeen different domains. Anybody facing issues o9r complications with their cloud security controls can leverage this resource to facilitate seamless compliance.


2.  CIS Benchmark:

CIS or the Center for Internet Security is one of the best resources that one can leverage to get started with cloud security with minimum hassle. The organization has developed numerous resources and best practices over the years that we can use to enhance our cloud security.


Some of these resources are designed for operating systems such as Linux and Windows, while there are also others that are used to strengthen the security of different applications. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) further provides us with valuable benchmarks and resources for GCP, AS, Azure, and many more.       


3.  SANS Practical Guide For Better Security In AWS Cloud:

The SANS Institute has recently released a book called Practical Guide to Security In AWS Cloud. The book is an excellent collection of knowledge and ideas of eighteen different well-experienced and well-learned authors. The book is filled with some of the best techniques, procedures, and tactics that can help us use cloud services with enhanced security.


There are twenty-seven different chapters in this book where each of the chapters takes a detailed look into different aspects of cloud security. Getting an in-depth understanding of all the chapters can help us take an enhanced approach towards strengthening the cloud security operations of the entire organization.


4. NIST SP 800-144, Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing:

The SP 800 series of NIST or National Institute of Standards and Technology can provide us with numerous valuable resources that can be used to enhance the overall cloud security of an organization.


The entire extensive series covers everything from guidelines for the storage infrastructure todetailed guidance on access control functionalities and even the guidelines VM configurations. We can leverage the NIST SP 800-144 to strengthen our foundation for cloud security in accordance with the standards laid out by NIST.


5.  Secure Best Practices For Azure Solutions:

This is another practical cloud security resource often mentioned by many experts from a similar field of study. The exhaustive resource covers almost every aspect of cloud security with enhanced attention to the minute details. One can use Secure Best Practices For Azure Solutions resource to determine strong network controls, optimize access and identity management, lock and secure the VM infrastructure and the operating systems used by the computer systems.


This resource also offers detailed information on the subject of defining and deploying strong operational security practices for their Azure environment effectively. Therefore, any organization leveraging the Azure environment to run their business must make the most of such an exhaustive cloud security resource.

Concluding Thoughts     

The increasing competition in the present business environment makes it very important for businesses to keep up with the latest technologies such as cloud computing. This means that cloud security is no joke as the data we store in our cloud environment can either make or break a business. Therefore, we suggest our readers access the knowledge offered in these resources and ensure enhanced cloud security.

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