6 Reasons Why Network Security Is Crucial To Your Business

2021-11-11by Finnegan Pierson

No matter the size of your business, you are never totally safe from the possibility of a devastating data breach. In order to protect your business from something catastrophic, be it a virus, a software bug, or even an actual hacker, it is essential that your network is as secure as possible. If network security is not a top priority of your business, here are some reasons why it should move to the head of the list.

Improved Network Performance

A network that is well monitored and isn't bogged down by redundant software is a safe network. Spend the time to regularly assess your network and remove programs that are not used (or that you have multiple copies of) as well as old, unused files. Having a tidy setup will make it much easier to spot something that is amiss. Also consider using the most updated networks, such as 5G network security, to keep your operations speedy and to reduce the risk of security issues with older networks (such as 3G and 4G).  

Avoiding Ransomware Attacks

Cyberattacks can bring your productivity (and sometimes your entire business) to a screeching halt. However, ransomware attacks are growing in frequency and are one of the most devastating types of breaches. In 2021, 37 percent of all businesses and organizations were hit by ransomware, many of which could have been avoided if the companies had taken network security a bit more seriously. Securing your network in advance is much easier than dealing with having to pay an insane amount of money for access to your own data.

Company Data Protection

Odds are, your company's digital data is one of its most important assets. Think about all you have stored on your servers and on every employees' workstations — customer lists and data and financial information, for starters — and consider what could happen if that information got into the wrong hands or got corrupted somehow. Securing this data by using things like complex passwords and cloud backup is a simple way to ensure that it is much less likely to get breached at any point. 

Client Data Protection

Network security not only protects your confidential company data, but it also protects your clients' data. This is particularly important if you work in an industry where you collect personal data about your clients, such as medical histories and social security numbers. If a client finds out that your network is not as secure as it should be, they are very likely to take their business elsewhere. Protect your client data, and let your customers know how and what you are doing to prioritize their safety. This will make them feel like they are important and will encourage them to continue the relationship with you. 

Significant Savings

Not having a secure network can actually cost you more money in comparison to the small sum you would pay to secure your network. No matter what type of breach impacts your data, you will spend priceless time and countless dollars trying to dig yourself out of the mess that has occurred. Instead, you can spend the hours and time in advance to protect yourself so you can stop a hacker in their tracks and prevent your system from ever getting infected.

Security is Sometimes a Requirement

Depending on the field you work in, some type of security measures may actually be required by law. For example, medical companies must comply with standards like HIPAA. Even if you are not in a field that requires strict security measures, those who do work in those fields are less likely to want to work with you if security isn't a priority.  Even if it isn't a legal requirement, why not put your customers at ease and assure them that you operate as safely as possible? 

Network security is easy to achieve. If you are considering updating your cybersecurity strategy, use some of these reasons to help make your decision.

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