7 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A WordPress Hosting Service

2021-10-25 by Juliette Anderson

Do you plan to create a website or blog for your business? Picking the right WordPress hosting provider is one of the most crucial decisions that you need to make.


The thing is, not all WordPress hosting providers are created equal. There are several key factors that you need to consider when choosing the right provider for your business. This also explains why you should look for a good web host for your business.


The Importance of a Good Web Host

Picking a good web host is essential to ensure that your website is always up and running. Another reason is that it can also impact your website's usability.


For example, your server is located in the United States, and you have a visitor from Australia. Due to the distance, your website may take a while to load.


A great hosting provider is integral as it will store the data that can be accessible to anyone from anywhere. This means that your web host is responsible for ensuring that your website is available 99% of the time. Otherwise, you are doing your brand or business a disservice.


This explains why you need a good web host for your website. It does not matter if you are setting up a company website, a blog, or an online store.


Now that you know why having a good web host is vital, it is time to understand what factors you should consider before choosing one:



Several factors can affect the cost of web hosting services.


While several hosting plans are available, shared hosting is one of the most alluring since it's the cheapest. But before you consider using it as your hosting plan, you need to make sure that you can afford their renewal plans as well.


That's because many hosting providers have shared hosting plans at low rates but high renewal rates. Although you can go with budget-friendly web hosting, you should scale up as your site grows over time.


So, make sure that you decide whether to go with managed, VPS and shared hosting. See that you weigh the pros and the cons before deciding which will work best for you and your needs.



The main concern when choosing a WordPress hosting provider is security. A top-notch web host provider should offer all the security features your site needs. This is to secure your data and your customer's data safe from breaches.


Ideally, the hosting provider should include things like daily backups. That way, your data can quickly be recovered in case of any untoward incident.


It should also have the latest cybersecurity software to protect your site from malware and other cyberattacks. It should also have SSLs to secure your customers' payment transactions.


Server Reliability and Uptime

Go with a WordPress hosting provider that will give you as much uptime as possible. This prevents any costly disruptions to your business.


Although there isn't a single WordPress hosting provider that can give you 100% uptime, the best providers are nearly that close. Hence, look for a web host that guarantees at least 99% uptime.


Pick a hosting provider that will guarantee you as much uptime as possible. Anything that's below 99% uptime isn't considered a decent host.


Speed and Performance

Website speed is essential to make your site work optimally.


A slow site speed will be your website's death sentence nowadays. It's therefore essential to look for a managed WordPress hosting service that has an optimized loading speed. Optimum site performance will boost your SEO and traffic.


Upgrade Options

A great web hosting provider will let you upgrade your plan rather than finding a new host and migrating your site altogether.


In relation to this, a VPS or dedicated server plan has great server resources when your site outgrows the shared hosting plan. Ideally, you should consider a web host that gives you the flexibility to scale up if your website demands it.


The critical aspect when looking for a host is flexible plans that will accommodate all types of sites.



Not all web hosts can make launching a WordPress website or Google Sites Templates as straightforward as you want it to be. Hence, check whether a hosting provider is compatible with your preferred content management system before signing up and paying. Doing so ensures that you can launch a website using a platform that you are compatible to use.


Customer Support

Customer support is another aspect you need to consider when choosing a web host. In fact, one of the most significant assets of a hosting provider is having superb customer support who can help you whenever you need something.


So, you should choose a company that will provide you with relentless, high-quality service. Be wary, though- many companies say they offer quality customer support yet take hours or even days to respond to a particular query.


One way to find whether or not a web host sticks to their word is to look up customers reviews and online testimonials. This allows you to know whether or not their customer support is trustworthy.


This also ensures that they provide you support in multiple channels like chat, phone, email, etc.


Over to You

Whether you are using WordPress, Google Sites, or Squarespace, it is essential to have a reliable web host. Otherwise, you cannot expect your website to be accessible to the public. And even if it does, it is less likely to be under your preferred domain name.


That said, make sure to keep the factors listed on this post so you can rest assured that you are choosing the right hosting provider for your business.

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