A Brief Guide On Core Web Vitals For A Website

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A website can only generate increased traffic if they care for their user experience using their websites. A user experience is associated with the speed of the website and how they interact with your website. You must know how to increase the loading speed of a website to improve the user experience and interactivity levels. 

For the measurement of a user experience on a website, Google considers some essential factors and elements. If a website has a higher score in all three measurements, then the website will have higher rankings in the searched result pages.

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If you are excited and keen to learn more about core web vitals, their types, and benefits, then keep reading this blog until the very last point.

What are Core Web Vitals?

There are certain elements and factors that Google considers to determine a user’s experience on a website. These core web vitals consist of three main elements and factors that will determine the experience of the user through their interactivity rates. In short, we can say that core web vitals are the metrics that Google uses to determine the overall experience and score of a user on your website.

Top 3 Core Web Vitals You Must Consider

The ranking of a website depends on various factors, and one of the factors is the score of the user experience. Improved user experience means higher website traffic and lower bounce rates. Develop and maintain your website in such a way that they increase user interactivity and user experience.

Below are the core web vitals considered by Google for scoring the user experience on a website.

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

The largest contentful paint points towards the time it takes for the website content to load after the user has clicked on a website link. Higher the LCP means the user will switch to other web pages. That is why it is always recommended to optimize your content so that it will take minimum time for the user to load after they have clicked on a given link. You can acquire the services of the SEO services company to develop optimized websites by adding elements that will increase their loading speed.

Following are some of the ways to improve the largest contentful paint.

First Input Delay (FID)

After the content and all the website elements are loaded, the other web vital that comes into action is the first input delay. It means that how long it takes the website elements to enable the user to interact. For example, when a page has loaded, the elements on it like images, buttons, and scroll bars must be interactive as soon as the page is loaded without making the user wait. This web vital is more important for websites with many JavaScript elements, not for a website with minimum actions to perform, e.g., only scrolling a page.

Below are some ways using which you can improve first input delay issues.

  • Minimize the JavaScript loading on your web pages
  • Remove any third-party script
  • A browser cache will help load content quickly

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

The third web vital that is very important for scoring user experience is the cumulative layout shift. It determines how stable your website and its elements are; imagine the elements of a website continuously moving when a user scrolls a page. If the CLS of a website is higher, then it means the user has a bad experience using your website.

Below is the list of methods through which you can improve cumulative layout shift.

  • Set the size and space for all the elements on the web page.
  • Disable asynchronous CSS
  • Use transform property in CSS for adding animations on the web page

Top 4 Other Web Vitals You Should Know

A website user may have a better experience or a poor experience using a website, depending upon various factors. The previously mentioned three factors are the major and core factors that determine a user experience. There are certain other elements associated with a website that also effects the user experience.

Following are some other web vitals that tend to impact the user experience (UX)

Safe browsing

Safe browsing is one of the services provided by Google to determine whether the web application is safe for the user to browse or not. In the past, users and web applications faced cyberattacks such as Pishing, SQL Injections, etc. These services notify and alert the user about any unsafe activity on the website to make their browsing safe. These services also help web admins to know any malicious activity affecting the safe browsing of their users.

2. Mobile friendly

For improving your user experience, your websites have to be highly responsive and mobile-friendly. The user must be able to get the same results when they use a web application using a mobile phone. Your application must be developed so that it does not affect the experience and interactivity level of its mobile users and web users. You can acquire the services of a web development company in Dubai to develop a mobile-friendly and interactive website.


Your website must be using an HTTPS protocol for a safe and secure communication of a web server and a website user. Not using a secure protocol will enable the intruders and attackers to make multiple and frequent attempts to attack the web server and the user data. These attacks make the server slow in responding to the website users disturbing the normal flow of traffic. If it takes too long for the server to respond to the users’ queries, they will have a bad website experience.

4. No intrusive Interstitials

Too many and frequent pop-up ads on your website are also a source of bad user experience. These pop-up ads mostly cover the website content, making it difficult for users to interact and perform an action. These pop-up ads are more difficult to dismiss when the user is accessing your website through a mobile phone. That is why your website needs to take care of these frequent pop-up ads for increased user interactivity and experience.

Why are Core Web Vitals So Important?

Many webmasters believe that implementing on-page SEO strategies and tips is enough to improve page ranking and a better user experience, but the facts are very different. Core web vitals are some of the important factors considered by Google to achieve various objectives other than improved page ranking.

Below are the most prominent and supportive reasons to justify web vitals are important to consider for a website.

  • Improved user experience
  • Improving troublesome website elements
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved page score

Pay Much Attention to these Core Web Vitals for Increased Web Traffic!

There is no other way to generate organic traffic and improve user experience if you are not considering the key web vitals. Make sure you are keeping every factor in mind and removing/ updating every element on your website that is resulting in a bad page score. These poor page scores always result in a poor user experience. Get in touch with professionals to develop and maintain websites that improve the user experience for a better page ranking.

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