4 Innovative Ways Technology Is Used In Sales

2021-10-01by Finnegan Pierson

As consumer behavior changes rapidly, traditional marketing and sales tactics have ceased to be sufficient for closing sales. Technology has transformed the way people buy, but they also have the power to change the way salespeople can do their jobs. Here are a few trends in sales that have been permanently changed by technology.

1. Customer Relationship Management

One of the top ways that salespeople are implementing technology in their jobs is by using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The reason a sales team now needs technology to help manage customer relationships is that there are just so many ways to connect: through email, on social media, text messaging, and more. In order to get through to customers and make meaningful connections, salesmen have to connect on all of these platforms.

It's just not possible for one individual, or even a team, to do all of that and reach as many consumers as they should. But by implementing CRM, sales teams can automate all sorts of tasks, such as campaign management and data centralization, so they can focus on important aspects of their job, like sales closing techniques. Not only is CRM a time-saver, but it increases efficiency and prevents the loss of important data. It's a must-have tool for any sales team looking to become more successful. 

2. Chatbots and Other AI Tools

Very recently, AI was considered a futuristic concept that was only really implemented in science fiction movies. But now it's a tool actively being used in all sorts of business. In sales, Chatbots are an example of AI being used to handle simple customer interactions and increase efficiency in customer relations. AI-powered chatbots are a great tool, because they're available 24/7, meaning that your business can be interacting with customers on a much higher volume than was previously possible. Chatbots can even be programmed to upsell products and generate more sales.

Another revolutionary use of AI is in contact center solutions. A big problem salespeople face when they're available to customers in a variety of formats (i.e. via phone, email, and live chat) is that they now have tons of valuable data spread across many different platforms. Contact center solutions ensure that all important data is collected in one place, by being connected to any CRM software already implemented.

3. Call Analytics

Once upon a time, sales teams would take calls from clients and use their time after calls to analyze how the call went and what could be done differently next time. Now, they utilize call analytics to take a transcript of the call and analyze it for valuable insight into customer behavior. This analysis can be used to make more informed decisions in sales and can give insight into things like customer needs and what kind of sales tactics are most effective. Tools like call analytics give salespeople the assurance that no customer interaction is ever going to waste since there will always be something valuable to learn.

4. Mobile Shopping Solutions

Let's face it - most customers sales reps are dealing with are shopping online. That means one of the best and most powerful tools a salesperson has is the online shopping app associated with their business. Where a browser website might be less intuitive and unappealing, apps create a user-friendly experience that encourages further interaction.

Your business's app shouldn't just be a condensed version of the web browser - it should be a standalone design that engages customers on a whole new level. A well-developed app created specifically for your business can have tons of built-in tools for helping customers, from a curated FAQ to cohesive branding across all platforms. A good app can boost sales significantly and gives salespeople a new platform where they can apply their skills.

You can see just how influential technology has been on customer behavior, and now you've read about how influential it can be on a sales team unafraid of innovation.


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