AI To Improve Website Engagement: 4 Integration Methods

2021-09-03by Gaurav Sharma

How to Use AI for Business Communication

Are you able to drive sufficient sales through your website and deliver exceptional experiences?

If not, then you need to leverage AI to improve website engagement.

Why should you do so?

People prefer user-friendly websites.

And if they can’t easily navigate your site or find the information they need, the chances are that they may bounce immediately.

This is where AI comes in.

Having it at the forefront of all your interactions can improve website engagement, offer great experiences, and drive revenue.

In fact, according to a study, most marketers say leveraging AI helps them increase revenue.

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But what’s the best way to leverage AI to improve website engagement?

This post describes how you can leverage it when you want to increase engagement on your website. 

So, let’s dive right in.

How to Use AI to Improve Website Engagement

The right use of AI can help you better connect with target audiences and improve website engagement.

But how?

Integrate it into these functions of your fintech marketing strategy.

1. Personalized Recommendations

According to a recent report, personalized content from brands drives consumers to make purchases, recommend them to others, become loyal, etc.

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And if people keep coming back to your site for more purchases, then it’s a sign that they get great experiences that encourage them to engage more with your website.

And the best way of ensuring that?


If you leverage AI, you can achieve personalization on a higher scale leading to improved website engagement and revenue.

For example, leveraging ecommerce AI solutions gives you access to data, including search queries, past purchases, viewing history, location, items in cart, dwell time, etc.

They help you stay in touch with the changing preferences and needs of your website visitors.

And what’s the result?

It becomes easy to place the right products in front of them, send customized emails infused with just the right trigger words, target new customer segments, etc.

Most importantly, by making life easier for visitors to your site, you increase the chances that they remember you when they need to solve a similar problem. They can also recommend you to friends who need to fix a similar pain point.

2. Build on Data

With a disruptive market and customer needs that keep changing, you need to make decisions fast. This means no longer relying on your gut feelings and using real-time data to make complex decisions.

And the good news?

Using AI for data collection and analytics can make this possible. It can help you understand customers, align messaging and products to their needs, and improve website engagement.

What’s more?

Data collected makes it possible to predict customer behavior, identify business opportunities, and run successful marketing campaigns.

3. Transform Customer Support

With AI, you can improve website engagement with more efficient and effective customer support. 

Your support team can automate repetitive tasks, boost productivity, and increase customer satisfaction by harnessing the power of AI.

How is that?

The following are ways AI can improve customer support and boost your website engagement:

  • Makes it easy to sort support tickets based on urgency, language, sentiment, etc.
  • Improves response times, thus making website visitors feel special, a factor that can increase engagement and loyalty.
  • Reduces errors, thus providing you with reliable insights you can use to change products or services and fulfill customer needs better.
  • Detects patterns, behavior, trends, etc., that makes it possible to personalize experiences and reduce churn.
  • Works 24/7 and can quickly handle frequently asked questions. AI also learns with each interaction, thus improving customer satisfaction.

AI also makes it possible to interact with visitors from the moment they land on your site.

For example, you can integrate AI chatbots that onboard visitors, answer their immediate questions, and escalate issues that need a human touch.

And to top it off?
You can leverage these AI chatbots as lead generation channels.

How, you might ask?
You can use them to suggest lead magnets, send visitors to pages with information that moves them through the funnel, or encourage them to convert by providing the best deals and discounts. And in this process, you improve website engagement through exceptional customer support.

4. Intelligently Map Customer Journeys

Insights you get from integrating AI can help you improve website engagement through intelligent customer mapping.

How is this?

You can analyze customer behavior as they go through their purchase journey and better understand their pain points and intentions.

And the best thing?

You do all of this in real-time.

AI tools make it possible to analyze data across all the channels you use, thus making it easy to identify patterns and likelihoods of conversions.

For example, AI can provide data that helps you analyze the frequency or recency of a customer’s activities. It enables you to understand their requirements or issues and become better positioned to offer seamless customer experiences at each step of their journey.

And guess what?

People are more likely to keep coming back to your website if you solve each of their problems from when they land on your page. You, therefore, improve website engagement by becoming the go-to source for when they need to solve problems in a specific area.

Ready to Use These AI Integration Tactics to Improve Website Engagement?

With the help of AI, you can sustain “always-on” exceptional customer experiences that help you improve website engagement. It offers insights you can leverage to increase customer interactions, troubleshoot problems fast, and make informed decisions.

Are you ready to let AI supercharge interactions on your website? If not, comment below, and we can offer additional tips on using it to improve website engagement.

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