6 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Invest In ITOM Services

2021-08-30 by Sherry McKenna

We live in a world driven by technology. No matter what field or occupation you turn to, there are high chances that technology is an essential part of it. Without technology or IT services, an organization is more likely to suffer and be left behind. Since there is a lot of competition, more businesses than ever are investing in IT services to improve their services.

As a business owner, investing in IT is essential. In addition to this, you need a team of IT specialists adept at managing IT operations daily.

What are IT Operation Management services?

Generally, IT services refer to all operations of an organization that involves technology in one way or another. It may include designing, managing, implementing, and improvement of the IT services. IT services encompass various functions and operations of a business. From administration to customer support, almost all departments in an organization use IT services for efficient operations.

Nowadays, businesses can sublet their IT requirements to third-party companies. These companies specialize in managing the IT operations of a business. They also provide a technical support staff to aid organizations. Such IT services are essential for small-scale businesses that do not have the support staff or the resources to manage their IT operations. Large-scale organizations and corporations have an in-house technical and IT support staff that manages their IT operations.

Some common IT services are as follows:

?  Cloud services

Cloud services have become essential for all organizations. Through cloud services, organizations can effectively manage their operations. In addition to this, many organizations choose to back up their data on the cloud.

?  Data backup

In the age of data, companies need to upload and save their data, either on the cloud or data centers. Moreover, easy retrieval of the data is another part of IT operations.

?  Security and cybersecurity

In these times, organizations face cybersecurity threats that aim to destabilize organizations. Moreover, hackers and scammers have monetary gain as their agenda. A cyberattack can lead to data loss and loss of reputation. Hence, businesses need to invest in cybersecurity solutions.

?  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP services have made exceptional leaps and bounds. These services are for customer support and customer management. They allow businesses to improve their services for customers through artificial intelligence and analytics.

?  Business Intelligence

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their product and services. IT services and technology allow them to improve it. Through customer data and feedback, organizations have been able to do so. Customer trends and behavior provide unique insights that aid companies in making informed decisions.

?  Communication

Communication is an integral part of managing and organization. Through IT services, businesses can effectively communicate with various teams.

?  Application management

Many businesses also invest in apps and other software tools to improve services for their customers. Designing and implementing an application are included in IT services.

Operations services, in particular, refer to the everyday operations of a business. According to Gartner, operations services include administration, security, customer data management, repair management, etc.


Monitoring the effectiveness of these services is what encompasses ITOM (IT Operations Management). ITOM and ITSM (IT Services Management) are terms often used interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference. ITOM services focus on performance and monitoring rather than the actual operation. On the other hand, ITSM focuses on how an IT team conducts operations.

ITOM services also ensure that an IT service is fully recognized so that there are no shortcomings. It ensures that the storage, networking, and connection issues are resolved for an IT operation. ITSM is a broader term used to describe IT operations and services. ITOM and ITSM are closely related terms. An organization depends on both services to ensure that its operations are successful.

Six benefits of investing in ITOM

Investing in ITOM is essential for businesses. Some of the major advantages of investing in ITOM are as follows:

1.  Cost

For a business, cutting down on unnecessary costs for maximizing profits is a part of its strategy. By investing in ITOM services, companies can lower the cost of their IT infrastructure by ensuring its effectiveness. By monitoring the performance of operations, businesses can cut down substantially on operational costs. They can also maximize their resources instead of adding costs of acquiring additional ones.

2.  Increases profits

With increased efficiency, businesses are more likely to increase their profit margins. Cyberattacks are likely to damage an organization that can lead to substantial financial losses. With ITOM and dedicated staff, organizations can prevent this from happening.

Also, with better performance of IT operations, processes are going to be fast. Hence, customers will receive their services and product at a faster pace, leading to an increase in profit.

3.  Reduced Complexity

With ITOM, organizations can reduce the complexities in their IT operations. It allows them to effectively manage various platforms, including public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises data warehouses. Hence, it provides an ease to companies.

4.  Time

Businesses often experience malfunctioning IT operations. It not only disrupts the work of their employees but can also cause customer dissatisfaction. Such incidents can happen to any organization, no matter the scale of it. Hence, it wastes the time of a business and increases downtime. But ITOM services reduce downtime and allow the company to return to its operations immediately.

5.  Customer satisfaction

With effective business operations, customers are more likely to be satisfied. Through regular monitoring of customer support operations, organizations can identify problems and resolve them on time. Hence, leading to customer satisfaction.

Moreover, with improved communication and network, you can ensure that your services, including web services, are never down.

6.  Employee productivity

By streamlining processes and facilitating the workforce of an organization, employee productivity improves. With fewer IT-related problems, employees are more likely to perform at their peak performance. If an organization faces IT problems regularly, it will impact employee productivity.


For businesses that deal heavily with IT and technology, managing IT operations becomes a necessity. Apart from making sure that employees work at maximum productivity, it also ensures that customers are satisfied so organizations can maximize their profits.

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