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2021-08-13 by Juliette Anderson

It's hard to find mobile app developers, especially if you're trying to build an iOS app. This can be a daunting task. The skills required for an iOS developer are not the same as those of a Java developer. This poses a problem for IT recruiters – most of them don't have the experience to tell if a given candidate is a good fit or not.


Today we will help you out and give you all the information you need to successfully pick a knowledgeable iOS developer from the pool of candidates, starting with the basics and finishing with covering all the core skills of a good iOS developer you should look out for.


If you’re also looking for tips on onboarding developers – we’ve got you covered too. Keep reading to learn more about the hard and soft skills you should look for in an iOS developer.


Who is an iOS developer?

iOS is an operating system for smartphones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), smartwatches (Apple Watch) by Apple. An iOS dev is engaged in the creation of applications and programs, including games and interfaces.


Application development for the iOS operating system began not so long ago, just two years after the first iPhone’s release – in 2009. Apple's decision to give access to third-party devs has significantly changed the application development industry. Now, over one decade later, the iOS developer profession is among the highest-paid jobs in IT.


Needless to say, the profession is super popular. According to Apple, there are 23 million registered developers as of summer 2020. Such popularity, in turn, gives rise to some problems, mainly for an employer.

At the moment, the market is full of specialists of intermediate and entry-level. It is often difficult for companies to find and retain a well-experienced specialist who is skilled and knowledgeable.


Hard Skills All iOS Developers Need

Crucial technical skills of an iOS dev include knowledge of programming languages and algorithms, operating system principles, etc. Regardless of the subject and function of an individual application, employer’s requirements for iOS developers are very similar for each job offer. Primary requirements that most employers have for iOS developers are:


  • Excellent knowledge of Swift, good knowledge of Objective-?.

Swift is a programming language that has been used by iOS devs for the past years. It replaced an old programming language called Objective-C which had been used by Apple for over 30 years. For this reason, knowledge of Objective-C is usually not obligatory but is a big additional plus, since many older applications still utilize this language.


  • Being able to write clean code;

Many programmers disagree on an exact definition of clean code, but it can be explained as easy, functional, efficient code that one can easily understand as well as edit.

  • Understanding as well as being able to edit someone else's code.
  • Knowledge of requirements and rules of the App Store.
  • Knowledge of Apple guidelines, including design guidelines.
  • Familiarity with UI/UX requirements.
  • Using the MWM, Rx, Services, etc.
  • Understanding of C ++.
  • Working with Xcode and/or Cocoa.
  • Understanding of object-oriented programming.
  • Skills in JavaScript, CSS, HTML.
  • Ability to use the iOS SDK, Core Data, APNS, GCD.
  • Testing applications, fixing bugs.


Sometimes employers also require knowledge of programming languages such as Python and Ruby. They are usually needed in the development of programs for macOS.

10 Soft Skills That Define an Excellent iOS Developer

Soft skills are those skills that are not directly connected with the profession of iOS developer, but will greatly help any applicant who wishes to get good job offers within the industry and become an outstanding professional. Some soft skills can make a good iOS dev a truly great employee:


1. Spatial reasoning

This is one of the most important skills for an iOS developer, as it can actually affect the application’s usability. It includes visualizing something in a three-dimensional way within your mind. Developers must understand how users interact with services and how they are displayed across different platforms to avoid major mistakes in their work.


2. Self-reliance, proactivity

Good iOS developer shows initiative, can respond positively to various tasks. A proactive employee can independently make decisions and take responsibility.


It’s also important to keep learning, evolving as a specialist on your own, being in charge of your skillset, staying on top of important industry news, and learning current trends.


3. Determination

Coding is a very demanding and challenging job. It doesn't matter how skilled or experienced you are, codes must often be re-written or edited multiple times before the product gets finished. Because of this, devs need to be patient, dedicated, and persistent so as not to get discouraged if their first try fails.


4. Critical thinking

Every iOS developer must be able to think critically because every step of their work must be well-planned as well as deliberately thought-through. Since developing applications is a lengthy process that counts numerous steps and involves multiple professionals, all actions that a team takes must be well analyzed. Devs with critical thinking are mindful of that, can effectively think and plan, as well as solve any problems that may arise in the process.


5. Creativity, adaptability

Many developers are set in their ways, so when they get a specific solution in mind and it doesn’t work as expected they can get stuck. However, a great iOS developer is able to scope the situation out, recognize the necessity of change and come up with an appropriate solution. The ability to find creative outside-the-box solutions is greatly appreciated by most employers.


6. Communications skills

Being good at both verbal and written communication is important for a good iOS developer because they must effectively work within a team. Being able to negotiate, debate, and find compromises is an important part of being a developer. Communication skills will come in handy when communicating with colleagues and management, sharing experiences and knowledge, discussing solutions, etc. Outsource writing tools like TrustMyPaper and Supreme Dissertations for any content-related tasks. It will save you tons of time.


7. Educability

An iOS dev needs to learn a lot of complicated technical information, and not just blindly memorize it but use it every day in their work. Because of this everyone who aspires to work in application development must be ready and able to analyze and learn massive loads of information.


8. Having discipline

This includes time management and prioritization skills. When several projects are running at once, the iOS developer must manage them all and understand how they should effectively allocate resources.


9. Empathy

The ability to understand other people is often underestimated as a developer’s skill, yet empathy, emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in teamwork. Any developer should be able to put themselves in colleagues’ shoes – it will make it easier to exchange ideas and not argue if something goes wrong.


A high level of empathy also helps to better understand users. For example, a dev might think their code is working fine and it is good enough, but ultimately they should always think about each user’s convenience when they will be using a product.


10. Stress tolerance

Resilience against stress is a skill that will save iOS developers a lot of nerves. There is much stress in a dev’s work – a code does not work for no apparent reason, there is no understanding with colleagues, clients demand impossible solutions, etc. A developer needs to remain calm in any situation. A good developer knows how to give feedback yet not get personal, even if they must repeat the same statements several times a day.

Of course, this list isn’t finite, as there are many other soft skills developers would benefit from, finding them super helpful in their work.


Equipped to Find a Full Package

Handy experienced iOS developers are rare gems, but they can be identified if you know what you should look for. Knowing which skills and qualities you should pay attention to when interviewing applicants is a key to determining the potential of candidates you have before you. There may be little time you can spend on getting to know every applicant, but having a set list of pointers to check out is very helpful for employers who wish to improve their chances of hiring a true professional, who will be a valued employee.


Hopefully, by revealing the main skills great iOS developers have, this article will become a helpful resource you can consult with when hiring for your team.

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