What Are The Different Types Of Facilities Management Software

2021-06-08 by Abhishek Pareek

What is Facilities Management Software?

Facilities Management (FM) software empowers businesses to deal with their whole repair and maintenance program from an online dashboard. This kind of software is intended to help organizations set aside time and save money by appropriately dealing with their infrastructure, resources, and tenants more proficiently and viably.

With a strong Facilities Management platform, multi-site office supervisors can conduct multiple functions in concern with ongoing support and repair, including compliance, resource management, work order fulfillment, data analytics, commercial contractor sourcing, scheduling preventive maintenance, and invoicing. The correct devices permit FM teams to satisfactorily track the use of the room, examine spending tendency over the long haul, increase in energy effectiveness, and cut expenses – all while improving communication with expert professionals and inside partners.


Key Benefits of Facilities Management Software

A powerful platform will never fail to offer a scope of tasks important to guarantee all day, brand support across all areas while offering vital insights into the cost of maintenance, and asset allocation. Key advantages of Facilities Management software incorporate smooth contractor invoicing and payment handling, improved perceivability into work order management, and expanded access to offices data:


Open and Scalable Architecture

Repair and Maintenance Management

Call Center Access

Parts and Supply Management

Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance

Resource Management

Settlement/Payment Processing

Project worker Sourcing and Management

Proposition Management


Whether you are a business that builds a website online or conducts video conferencing App Development, you as a business must have to have a seamless work culture and system in order to build these and more products effectively. FM software helps you in this.


Here Are A Few Features of Facilities Management Software

Improved Work Order Management

Third-party Integrations

Staffing Support

Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform

Expenses Analysis


What are the Types of Facility Management Software?

There are many kinds of Facilities Management software available today. CAFM software, which represents Computer-Aided Facility Management, offers managerial abilities to office chiefs like tracking, management, arranging, and reporting on actual spaces and business areas. CAFM software serves principally as a database for FM-related tools, activities and spending, and frequently incorporates CAD or BIM functions.


EAM: Enterprise Asset Management frameworks center around managing resources, as their name suggests. This implies knowing the number of PCs and workstations you have, where your copiers are found, and so forth.  They likewise help save these things for repair, updates, and bookkeeping.


IWMS: This is an umbrella management approach. It includes equipment ranging from floor plan creation to land portfolio management and more. It's the most comprehensive apparatus in a manager’s kitty.


CAFM: This is a platform that centers around the actual work environment and everything that comes under it. This product handles space usage, floor plan creation, and more. It's tied in with utilizing space effectively and obliging laborers.


CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) is another sort of FM software that contains a large number of similar features as CAFM software however offers (to some degree) a more profound investigation of an organization's maintenance activities execution and planning. CMMS software may incorporate automated maintenance planning and tracking capacities; it is specially equipped for preventive repairs.


Use-case requirements decide software support

Barely any organizations send each of the four frameworks. For instance, in case the business is utilizing CAFM and CMMS software, it would simply be utilizing an IWMS framework that incorporates features from this software. Everything relies upon scale.


Recognizing your requirements and matching those requirements with the correct software will place the business in a position where it can make better decisions and make brilliant investments. Also, regardless of whether you're utilizing an IWMS stage or depending on CMMS or EAM, or CAFM for help, the effectiveness of these projects is significant to FM.

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