Different Types Of Software Security Testing & Their Benefits

2021-06-04 by Maddy Sen

In today’s world, information is everything. Information is real power. And for any company to protect itself from unnecessary attacks of the tech kind, it needs to protect its information. Security testing is an integral and crucial step for ensuring optimum safety levels for the information of any organization.

Security testing is basically a type of software testing, with its main goal being exposing the potential vulnerabilities and flaws in a system if any, should it ever come under a cyber-attack. It helps to identify the threats faced by the system and prepare for counter-measures. Once the threats have been timely detected, a good developer can code away from the issues and patch them up, making the software secure and prevent system failure and exposure of sensitive data.

The top seven types of software security testing:
1. Ethical Hacking
2. Penetration Testing
3. Posture Assessment
4. Risk Assessment
5. Security Auditing
6. Security Scanning
7. Vulnerability Scanning

Now let’s understand the different types of testing methods employed by the developers to keep any organization safe from informational intrusion:->

Ethical Hacking:
What is done in “ethical hacking”? Well, the tester intentionally hacks the software systems of an organization. But the intention behind the hack is to simply highlight the flaws in the security system instead of stealing any information like a malicious attacker.

Penetration Testing:
In Penetration testing, hackers imitate a cyber-attack to find any vulnerabilities that real hackers can exploit to cause harm to the software security. Penetration testing is majorly of two kinds- application penetration testing to find technical vulnerabilities and infrastructure penetration testing to check servers, firewall, and other hardware-related issues.

Risk Assessment:
A security risk assessment is done by recognising and implementing important security controls for any software. It focuses to find out the extent of risk to the system and categorize it as high risk, medium risk or low risk, and then recommending proper measures to avoid any and all security vulnerabilities.

Security Auditing:

Security auditing is done by internally inspecting operating systems and applications to find out any gaps in the security systems. It allows verifying the sufficiency of the strategies in place to protect against any foreign software and also confirms whether the security measures are followed as per the recommended regulations and specifications.

Security Scanning:
To ensure the optimal performance of the security measures implemented by the system, security scanning involves finding network and system weaknesses and ultimately provide solutions for the same. It includes the usage of both manual and automation tools to identify the loopholes and risks.

Vulnerability Scanning:
To find all the vulnerabilities that can be encountered in an entire system, and providing effective countermeasures to take care of the said vulnerabilities in the system, vulnerability scanning is done by using automated software.

Posture Assessment:
This is a combined testing system that gives an overall picture of an organisation’s information security environment or posture, to find the potential gaps and addressing the solutions to improve the system, using ethical hacking, security scanning, and risk assessment.

We need to understand that with the software security, solutions are required to be tailor-made and the software security testing needs to be well conducted from time to time to ensure the safety of data for the organisation.

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