4 Reasons Why C# Is Good For Web Hosting In 2021

2021-05-20 by Delan Cooper

We live in a technological and internet-based age where everyone is looking for an online presence. You may be running a commercial or personal website, or maybe you are an entrepreneur seeking to start a hosting company for websites in your area. Either way, this article is for you.


Web hosting is the allocation of server space to websites at a fee. Websites require server space to store and manage their files so that they achieve an online presence. So, how do you choose the best host for you? The answer lies in the type of programming language that their systems rely on. There are countless programming languages, but here is why you should rely on web hosts that use the C# language.


1. C# is secure

You must settle for the most secure web host in a world in which cybercrime is a reality. To begin with, C# is arguably the safest language option for web hosting because it is a closed-source programming language. Closed-source systems also allow you to encrypt passwords stored in your website’s we .config files, keeping them safe from decompilation by hackers. This means is that servers running the C# programming language are usually not the first target for computer hackers.


Secondly, servers such as .NET that run on C# allow you to enjoy Code Access Security (CAS). Created by Microsoft, CAS prevents external and untrusted codes from performing actions in your stead. In addition to that, it allows you to control the permissions that individual applications have on your system, helping you manage your website with confidence.


2.   It is general-purpose

C programming gained traction with C and C++, setting the ball rolling for procedural computer programming. The creation of C# optimized the task of computer languages to efficiently perform tasks on a more comprehensive scale. As a general-purpose language, C# was built to achieve high-efficiency levels. Such functions include: creating dynamic websites, building web applications, and accomplishing a myriad of web services. The good news is that Microsoft supports all the codes that are provided by C#.


C# boasts of a more exhaustive coding library compared to other languages. This has made it very popular, and many developers express the need to continue developing with ASP.NET Core. Furthermore, C# is highly versatile; it allows for language interoperability with other programming languages. This enables you to preserve and utilize native and existing code blocks, broadening the range of tasks you can complete. Such versatility allows you to make the best of your systems for optimized results.


For example, interoperability of C# allows you to run Visual Studio, a Microsoft program used to write .NET Core Console APPs like ironXL, which relies on C# to read excel files. This lets you write, validate and save excel data from web APIs.


3. It is easy to use

Why go for a complicated and less sophisticated programming language when you can have C#? C# has become one of the most preferred computer languages to learn and use. Thanks to automated coding, most complex processes have been made abstract, leaving the programmer with simplified lines of code to write. Moreover, its automation helps you focus on interchangeable code modules that can work independently without requiring any deep knowledge.


Secondly, since C# works in the .NET web framework, it takes advantage of the .NET garbage collection system for storage space management. Previously, memory management was a physical process where you would have to find and release unrequired data to save space. This virtual data management makes host servers run with higher efficiency as programs get partial memory allocations whenever they need them.

C# is also a statistically typed language. This means that the virtual system runs it for errors before you turn it into an application. Static typing of codes makes it easy to identify and correct all mistakes in a variable during compile-time, making coding a much easier process.


4.  It is fast

First, the C# programming language boasts of faster operation time. Since most of its data functions are automated, C# results in better time utilization as it reduces the running time of applications. Secondly, statically typed codes execute faster because compilers can identify the exact data types; this makes it the most functional language for web hosting.


The fast performance of C# makes it the best website Hosting language as it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. SEO is the optimization of a website’s data traffic, making it easily discoverable during internet searches. A high SEO is one of the features that website owners check for when scouting for web hosts.


With businesses and individuals seeking out technological solutions to modern commercial problems and service delivery, C# has proven itself an asset. As you’ve seen, there are many reasons why you should always consider C# for web hosting.

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