Best Practices For Creating Amazing Android TV Applications

2021-05-18 by Hitesh Chauhan

Android application development rose to popularity the moment it was launched in the market! This is because with the availability of the scope of creating easy to access Android apps for mobile devices making businesses accessible became easier for merchants. And with the rising popularity of android devices looks like Android application development is here to stay. Further, with the availability of the amazing features of Android apps nowadays merchants are also exploring its usage beyond mobile devices. This has given rise to the development of applications for wearable Android devices and Android TV.

Although development for these devices is technically almost the same as that in Android mobiles. But still, there are subtle differences that every merchant and their hired android app developer must be mindful of while working on such projects. As without the knowledge of these differences, it becomes almost impossible for merchants and developers to cater to the expectations of different device users efficiently. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into some of the best practices for creating amazing applications for Android TV. But before we dive into that, let us understand the major difference between android app development for mobiles and Android TV.

Major differences between Android TV and Android apps for Mobile

Although applications for android mobiles and TV can be built upon the same technology. But the way they interact with users is completely different from one another. As the android apps for mobile devices are generally directed by touch whereas that of Android TV is directed by either remote or voice commands. Moreover, the UX goals and UI flow for both the applications are quite different from one another. Hence, to make it possible for users to use the android apps on Android televisions, merchants must hire dedicated android app developer mindful of these differences during the app creation process.

Best practices for creating amazing Android TV apps

From the above discussion, we can efficiently conclude that while creating apps for Android TV merchants have to stay mindful of the differences between developing apps for mobile and television devices. This would aid merchants in creating a smooth user experience for their target audience and achieve higher profits and sales. To achieve this, developers can easily adapt to the best practices available for Android TV app development. Below is a detailed list of some of the amazing practices for Android TV application development:

1. Firstly developers must understand that their application for Android TV will be viewed and navigated differently than the apps for android mobile devices. So they must declare to make the navigation process shift to remote instead of touch to make the navigation through an Android TV app possible.

2. Further, merchants must also use Leanback to make the application specifically to be viewed by the users in the Leaned position. This would make sure that such applications are only visible in the TV Google Play store and is accessed by suitable users as well

3. Further, while creating apps for android TV merchants must also stay mindful of the icons and fonts as well. As the fonts, images, and icons must be larger than that usually used in android mobiles for easier visibility and a smooth user experience. This in the long run could aid merchants in improving their brand’s image as well.

To Wrap Up

Android TV applications can make life easier for users and help them in accessing a wider range of functionalities through their television devices. However, to make the best out of such devices merchants must understand the needs of their users and the differences between normal app development for mobile devices and Android TV. By adapting to above mentioned best practices merchants can easily create amazing Android TV applications for their business.


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