Why Internet Of Things Is The Future Of Mobile App Development

2021-05-11 by Abhishek Jain

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” - Brendan O’Brien.

We have witnessed IoT and its boundless potential take off in recent years. The pandemic brought about an acceleration in digital transformation globally. 5G powered superior connectivity and dramatic improvements in AI and Machine Learning have transformed the communication processes incredibly. Now, IoT is all set to take over. Fortune Business Insights predicts the IoT device market will reach $1.4 trillion by 2027.

Among other things, the world of mobile applications to has come under the influence of the Internet of Things. This incredible technology has had a tremendous impact on the development of mobile apps.

Here are the top five ways IoT is impacting mobile app development:

1. Can Create Opportunities for Open-Source Development

 IoT technology can help IT companies and developers share their programs openly. This can encourage and enable budding developers to create their own apps. Experts predict open-source development to drive the growth of mobile applications.

  • With app development becoming more transparent, companies and developers will be able to collaborate with each other better.
  • It can ensure faster and better outcomes.

2. Will Boost Hybrid App Development Processes

A major drawback of native mobile apps is that they work only on the platform they are created on. This scenario can change with the advent of IoT. More hybrid apps with superior UX will make their way into the market. The benefits? 

  • Incorporation of advanced coding capabilities.
  • User interaction with a wider range of devices compatible with different platforms.

Users will be able to utilize several services in one go, while companies will find it easy to access valuable data from other platforms.

3. Will Encourage Creation of New Platforms

IoT is still evolving and in a major way. App developers are looking at ways to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape, but the paucity of platforms makes their job difficult. Experts are of the opinion that creating brand new platforms is one of the best ways of circumventing this problem.

  • We can expect a new IoT platform to emerge soon.
  • It will be fully integrated and of enormous value to developers looking to create cross-platform apps.

4. Will Help Entrepreneurs Introduce More Innovations

Have you used any reputed app lately and admired its seamless functioning and smooth performance? This is possible because IoT is at the core of its functioning. IoT is designed to make complex tasks remarkably simple and user-friendly as well. A fine example of this is the Uber app, which brings a taxi to where you need it in a matter of minutes. Between your tap for a taxi and its arrival, a whole range of complex activities happen in the app but it is managed impeccably and seamlessly by IoT. Without IoT, it would be impossible to run such businesses smoothly and successfully.

  • We are going to see many such innovative IoT powered businesses emerging in the near future
  • It can help solve some of the most complex and pressing issues in the area of customer service and support, thanks to the enormous capabilities and potential of IoT

5. Small Businesses Can Flourish by Access a Level-Playing Field

Internet of Things is not only helping in the development of innovative mobile apps but also reducing the cost of developing them. This is a boon for small businesses and can help them compete with bigger players with deeper pockets on a level playing field. They can give wings to their innovation and use IoT technology to make their entrepreneurial dreams become a reality.

  • It will provide a bigger platform to small and budding businesses
  • They will be able to develop apps affordably and reach out to a wider audience even with a limited budget


It is more than evident that IoT can bring about ground-breaking changes to the mobile app development processes used today. What’s more, it can do wonders to the efficiency and productivity of business processes. Mobile app development companies are proactively adapting and integrating this powerful technology to optimize its benefits and deliver enhanced experiences to their customers.

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Abhishek Jain

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