Simple And Straightforward Steps To Improve Your Online Business

2021-04-26 by Editor

In the last 12 months, the internet has proved more valuable than ever before. It has become a lifeline to many and not only in their personal lives but also professionally.

Many people wouldn't have been able to work from home if this pandemic happened before the internet arrived. Many businesses would have folded entirely without the support of the internet.

So with that said, we must continue to look to the internet's continuing potential and use it to our advantage to keep your online business booming.

Being aware of a few tricks which could potentially make or break a sale is a good thing, and looking at your website from the point of view of someone who has never seen it before can prove an eye-opening experience.

Look at your website (and re-design it if necessary)

When designing your own website or having a hand in creating it, knowing your product or service is a big bonus. You will already know which buttons or pages will lead where - and where to look on each page for these buttons. So take a step back, maybe even get a member of your family or a friend to look over the website, and give them a task to perform – which maybe takes them from the landing page through to the sales page to make sure that it can be found and relatively quickly.

Don't keep your customers waiting (check loading times and image sizes)

Keep an eye on how long it takes for your website to load. A slow-loading website can cause a high bounce rate which is not desirable as it will cause the website's Google ranking to drop and make your website less easy to find and therefore affect sales.

Find the right CRM (it's the most valuable tool in your business)

Investing in good CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) is vital. With CRM software, you can store all your customer and prospect customers' information, purchases with your company, and even how much and when they paid. This allows you to spot potential repeat sales to those very customers by contacting them directly without the need to re-advertise. Armed with this information, you can manage and tailor-make your marketing campaigns using this same software.

Everyone loves a story (so make yours a good one)

By telling your story and the story of your product, you let your customer feel a connection with your company. Everybody wants to know more about who they are dealing with. You may have a photo of yourself on your website or of the whole team, but the customer wants to know who you actually are, who your team actually is.

The days of face-to-face shopping seem to be coming to an end; customers see there is another way that is possibly a much more convenient way for them. Items now come to them. Rather than roaming around shops in all weathers looking for something, it is now available at a click of a button.

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