5 Powerful Ways AI Is Impacting The Web Hosting Industry

2021-04-19by Gaurav Sharma

Currently, there are more than 1.8 billion websites on the internet. 

All of them have one thing in common — they require web hosting to function. Typically, it is the process of renting or buying virtual space to host a website. From tweets and memes to blog posts, all online content is placed on servers through web hosting.

One of the emerging trends in the web hosting industry is the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence. Its popularity isn’t surprising considering how it can help you get a better web hosting experience.

In this post, let’s take a look at how AI has been impacting the web hosting industry.

Understanding the Impact of AI On the Web Hosting Industry

While choosing a web hosting provider, people typically look for high security, stable performance, and a better overall experience. Adapting to AI can improve all of those areas of web hosting. In this section, let’s take a closer look at how using AI can impact web hosting service providers:

1. Better Security

With the increasing threat of cyber attacks looming, online businesses need to protect themselves against malware. One of the biggest advantages of using AI in the web hosting industry is that you can protect yourself better against such threats.

Traditional security methods have limited capabilities which are often not enough to handle sophisticated attacks. With the use of artificial intelligence, web hosting providers can avoid such attacks. AI-based platforms can effectively find any patterns that may seem suspicious even if they are hidden within a code or in any remote website. 

What’s more, AI-based eSignature tools like Docusign & its alternative can also learn to handle such instances by themselves. That’s why they are more effective than any notification that will simply alert you of any incoming threats. Because of a quicker response time, you can minimize the damage and save money. 

Plus, these technologies are also constantly evolving, so they are capable of dealing with the latest security breaches.

2. Provide Stable Domain Performance

AI platforms come with advanced monitoring capabilities and the ability to make more accurate predictions. They are designed to anticipate any fluctuations that may be upcoming, including overloads, surges in traffic, or other technical issues.

This can happen especially around the holiday season or big events. With the help of AI systems, you can manage them in a more efficient manner and maintain a better uptime. As a result, you can improve your site performance and site. 

Both of these factors are essential to providing a great user experience to your visitors. In a nutshell, AI can indirectly help you strengthen your customer relationships and boost loyalty as well. Based on their anticipated needs, you can provide add-ons and upgrades. 

3. Boost Efficiency and Accuracy

Artificial intelligence can do complicated tasks in an efficient manner without any hiccups. Plus, these tasks can be done with maximum accuracy. AI also assures that your site performance isn’t negatively affected if there is a huge traffic surge. 

AI can help with tasks like responding to chat messages and delivering voice messages. Not only does this reduce human work but also improves site performance with better conversion.

4. Create Systems That Are Self-Repairing

Online websites require a lot of upkeep. You constantly need to invest time into maintaining it and repairing any glitches you may notice. With the help of Machine Learning, AI can spot these issues before they fester and create issues for you.

For website hosting, you can use self-repairing AI technology to scan the entire system and to diagnose technical problems even before they materialize. In a nutshell, it’s like taking preventive measures to protect your system.

Let’s say that your AI platform finds that your hardware is defective in some way. With a self-healing system, you can transfer the system that is running on hardware to any failover servers before they crash. This process is helpful in maintaining uptime without any problems.

If there is a major issue in the self-healing system which AI can’t fix, then the web hosting team gets notified directly. 

5. Generate Data-Driven Reports

Artificial intelligence can track your present and past performance by analyzing big chunks of data. When it comes to websites, you can analyze the purchase rate, cost of purchase, recurring rate, and more to improve your performance.


Artificial intelligence can make a huge impact on the way you handle website security and domain performance. With automated maintenance, you can also get more efficiency and accuracy without effort. 

The best part is that you can analyze data to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Now that you know the benefits of leveraging AI in website hosting, are you ready to start using it?

Do you have any questions regarding the use of AI in website hosting? Please mention them in the comments section below.

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