Here Is How Cloud Adoption Can Help Businesses Transform Their Model

2021-04-16 by Andrej Kova?evi?

Whether you own a small business that’s just starting out, or you’ve been on the market for a while, there’s probably one subject that you could not escape for the past few years: cloud adoption. It seems like every business nowadays is becoming cloud-based, so you might be thinking that there are a bunch of benefits to this decision. And you are not wrong by any means, but do you know what are these benefits?


In this article, we’ll list a few ways how cloud adoption can help businesses transform their model, in the hope of helping you decide if being a cloud-based company would be the right move for you as well.


Right off the bat, we can talk about one of the main reasons why people usually go for cloud adoption: cost. Implementing an on-premise system these days can be very expensive, given all the hardware that goes into the process. More than that, there are more logistics that need to be covered with an on-premise system, like the storing space for the actual devices, the maintenance of the hardware after implementation, and all the people that you have to hire.


With a cloud-based solution, all you have to do is to understand what is SaaS and pay for a subscription. That way, you’ll get all the functionality mentioned above, plus a virtual IT staff without having to spend millions.


One of the most common issues that can come up in a company is a data breach. Breaches are pretty common and they can occur from anywhere, whether it’s because one of your employees lost their laptop or another one has leaked his password. If you’re not a cloud-based company yet, the simple fact that somebody in your company loses his laptop could actually cost you millions of dollars.


On the other hand, cloud systems work in a different way. All of your data is encrypted and kept in a very secure location; that way, hardware damage will never affect you.

Data Accessibility

In the fast-paced world that we live in, it’s important that we are able to access our data from anywhere in the world. With a cloud solution, if you have a compatible device, you would be able to access any data in your company from literally anywhere. This is a huge step forward from on-premises systems, where all the data is stored on computers or a server from the office. Why store data in an office where you could store it on the internet? As long as you have the right device and a good VPN, distance starts becoming irrelevant. And speaking of VPNs, you might grab a look at the Surfshark review and be surprised by how this works.

Overall Flexibility

If we had to choose just one word to describe what it’s like to move to a cloud-based solution, that word would be “flexible”. When the implementation process of the cloud solution ends, everything about your company becomes very flexible. From the data back-ups, the manageable costs, and the fact that you are not dependent on a fixed location, being able to access your data from all over the world, to even more complex ideas, like the fact that you could hire a global team, with employees from all over the world and maybe from a much cheaper market than your own country. More than that, you can always bring more people in, if you feel like the demand is too high. With a cloud solution, you can get new people to work for you in a heartbeat.


Friendship and collegiality between your employees is a key aspect of your company. And, of course, that can only be built if they manage to collaborate efficiently in work-related matters. With a cloud solution, you and your employees can have the easiest time transferring documents from one another or posting them in common locations on the cloud, where they can be accessible for anyone in the firm. There’s also another great benefit of this: versioning the documents, which helps you ensure you’re able to track every step of a developing project.


The world that we live in makes it impossible for us to refuse or even deny change. In order to keep up these days, you have to adapt to technological solutions that are getting more and more sophisticated, even if you’re running a small town business. Cloud systems can offer you and your company a bunch of benefits, as long as you do the research, you understand what are the changes that are being made, and try to prepare yourself and your employees for the implementation.

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