Is Amazon Advertising The Way To Go?

2021-04-05 by Kristine Adeza

Since its beginning in 1994, Amazon has taken over the world. Online shopping has become an excellent convenience for everybody. On one hand, for the seller, who is advertising millions of products on the platform, and on the other hand, for the buyer, who can purchase a product with a simple click on the mouse or the smartphone. Especially in the 21st century, with the boom of technology, social media, new ways of advertisement, and the use of credit cards, you can often find yourself engulfed in the loop of virtual life. 


Is online shopping seen a good or a bad thing?

When you buy something in person, with cash, you have that feeling of not wanting to spend so much, but you will be more susceptible to spending more and lose track of your finances when you use the credit card. In 2020 alone, when the COVID pandemic started, people began to purchase almost everything on Amazon.


Everything you need is there - starting from paper towels, cleaning supplies, face masks, flowerpots, gardening tools, your favorite snacks to the most random things you can find. Click on this link https://canopymanagement.com/does-amazon-advertising-work/ to extend your knowledge about Amazon advertising.


People often find themselves spending the majority of their monthly earnings on Amazon products. Experts say that online shopping has become addictive, and especially during last year. It is estimated that more than 80 million people are Amazon Prime members in the US alone, which is an astounding 25% of the population. There is a significant percentage of people who have Amazon Prime accounts in the US than those who go to church or own a landline.


How does Amazon actually work?

If you ask yourself whether you should advertise on Amazon, there is one crucial thing to consider. If you are selling a product that buyers can purchase online, then the answer is yes. After that, several critical steps will lead you towards a successful sale. If you are willing to take on the task, Amazon will help you along the way. You can always start with small steps and sell a particular product before expanding on more types or brands.


Amazon works on the same principle that Google or YouTube does. You type a specific keyword to find what you are looking for. The top results that will pop up after typing the word in the search box are usually the sponsored posts. Those posts are considered Amazon ads. You can also notice the "subtle" wording below the image of the product, which is either "ad" or "sponsored".


On what should you pay attention the most?

The rule of the game is to gain more visibility of your product. Essentially, you pay for the top positions by bidding on keywords, and that will lead you to higher visibility on the Amazon search engine results page (or simply SERP). When e buyer clicks on a specific ad, the advertiser will be charged accordingly. When you go to a particular product page, you will also notice amazon ads for similar or relatable products, which means that there are other advertisements on the individual product pages. 


One of the more important factors is sales history. If your product sells better than other products in that category, your Amazon ranking will improve, and you will be placed in higher positions. The average CPS (or cost per click) on Amazon is usually no more than $0.50, making it more profitable than advertising on other search engines or social media platforms like Google Ads or Facebook. Click here to find out more on this topic.


The attached photos are an essential factor in selling products. Images play a key role because they are often the first thing that comes to buyers' eyes. It is therefore very important to attach clean and sharp photos with good resolution. When you sell something in a store, customers can physically see and feel the product in their hands, but when you're selling online, that's not the case. The photos must show the product from multiple positions to capture the most realistic features and eventually gain the buyers' trust and get good ratings.


The description below the product will help a lot as well. It is imperative to be precise and explain the product's features and functions in a quick but effective way in order to capture the buyer's attention. For example, suppose you are selling technology accessories like an external hard drive for your PC or laptop. In that case, you should list the full specifications of the product, which are in the buyer's interest.


What is the true power of a keyword?

When you decide to advertise a certain product, the right keyword strategy is essential. It will help if you put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What keywords would you use in their position? Don't dive in too soon since you may end up having higher costs than profits. It is very important to reduce the spending that comes with irrelevant clicks on your product. Refer to this blog for more tips and tricks.


Using a negative keyword strategy is shown to be much more effective. For example, if you are selling champagne glasses, your keyword shouldn't just be glasses. Since you are selling a specific kind of glasses, you should avoid unnecessary clicks on your ads since the buyer isn't looking for that kind of product. A sloppy keyword strategy will only bring you cost without particular gain.


You can also opt for bidding on popular brands that sell similar products as you. You should take advantage of having strong competitors and convert that in your favor. For example, if you are selling sports equipment, you should bid on the more popular brands since they are the most searched ones. In that way, you expose your product more efficiently and even convince the buyer to purchase your much cooler product, offering the same quality for a lower price. 

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