How To Make A New Business More Accessible

2021-03-26by Jocelyn Bell

When it comes to running any kind of business, the idea of making it more accessible to attract as many clients as possible is both valid and a smart way to run a company. Not too many businesses take the time to really try and understand what their business needs, which could very well cause plenty of problems down the line that could have been avoided with a few best-practice methods.

That said, those best-practice methods are not necessarily obvious. Whether it happens to be a new business or a large institution, it always pays to work toward more accessibility overall. Here are just some ways you can help future-proof your business with the help of accessibility.

On the topic of accurate transcription

Without a doubt, AI has been finding more and more ways to integrate into modern businesses, with one of the most successful being the world of transcription. The reason why transcription is so crucial is the fact that not everyone can follow voices — even if the company might work to make meetings and lectures as clear as possible.

In such cases, it is crucial to make use of services such as voice transcription with Verbit. The reason for using accurate voice-to-text transcription is to help those who are hard-of-hearing keep up with the video, as well as to remove the need to have anyone taking notes. Considering that AI is pushing the boundaries of accurate transcription, it is no wonder why such services are seeing more and more demand over the years.

Making a website more accessible

For companies that make use of online stores, accessibility means a more compact and optimized website overall. It is a win-win situation for businesses, as it does not require nearly as much work to accomplish. For example, all it needs is a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. It would be best for the content to get straight to the point, which means there is little need for the long-form outside of articles and blogs. It also pays to ensure that the website has a mobile platform to help attract users that prefer their smartphones over anything else.

Making use of accessible printed material

Aside from making video content more accessible, the same thing can be done with print/traditional marketing matters. For example, it is typically not enough for flyers to have as much information as possible, as there are people who are visually impaired that might be interested. Consider printing out fliers with braille as well as the typical content to help boost the overall accessibility. It will also help showcase the company as one that cares — making the business that much more attractive to potential clients.

Accessibility is something that many businesses have to consider. You have restaurants scrambling to make sure that they have alternative ingredients for those with food allergies, and many more examples of various industries doing their best to be more accessible. In a world where most people are content to get everything they need online, it pays to go the extra mile to be thoughtful.

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