How To Create A Perfect Thank You Page?

2021-03-08 by Kristine Adeza

Have you considered creating a thank you page as part of your business strategy? The purpose of such a page is to provide confirmation to visitors after they’ve completed a particular action on your website, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free e-book, or making a purchase.

The perfect thank you page is supposed to provide clear instructions, include social sharing buttons, positive testimonials, etc. There are plenty of thank you page examples online, including confirmation and a call to action.

The following tips will assist you in creating the best page for your business.

Make sure the instructions are clear

One of the inceptive steps towards creating a perfect Thank you page is providing clear instructions to visitors. You’re expected to keep your promise by offering an explanation to users on how to receive the thing they signed up for. In case you’re offering a free newsletter, make sure the thank you page features a huge button visitors need to click on in order to get their free copy.

Online businesses using email marketing provide a different type of message, explaining when visitors will receive the newsletter. After providing their email for the purpose of receiving a free newsletter or guide, visitors should see a thank you page on their screens, telling them they should check their inbox shortly to download the file.

Moreover, online businesses are supposed to provide a contact email in order for potential customers to reach them when facing a problem downloading the file. The same goes for visitors providing their emails but never receiving the newsletter. In such cases, they can contact you for further instructions on solving the issue and getting the file you’ve promised to send to them.

Restate the importance of the offer

Thank you pages offer a perfect opportunity for business owners to restate the importance of their offer. For instance, those offering a free e-book should explain the benefits of reading the book and the useful information provided inside it. It’s one of the most effective ways of encouraging visitors to give the book a chance instead of never reading it.

Bear in mind that some of your staff members invested plenty of time to create the book, newsletter, or guide you offer. As long as the content is engaging and educative, most individuals will spare some time to read it. Free e-books are undoubtedly an effective way of educating the audience about your business and the benefits of using your products or services. Click here to check out six helpful tips for making your content more engaging.

Recommend other content

Another way of creating a perfect thank you page is by recommending other content to visitors. Since you’ve already attracted the attention of individuals, chances are they’ll be interested in learning more about your business. For example, you can use your thank you page to feature some of your most engaging posts.

Furthermore, when people decide to try some of your products, the thank you page should include some helpful tips for using them or provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. Additionally, it can include special content, designed specifically for visitors deciding to sign up for your free offer. For example, it may include another free offer, a video course, or an engaging article.

Include social sharing buttons

Given the importance of social media in digital marketing, adding social sharing buttons to your thank you page is considered a wise idea. Although these buttons are usually included on landing sites, including them on thank you pages only increases the chances of having your offer shared on social media by visitors.

Once visitors sign up for the offer, they might be tempted to share it with a friend or a colleague. Therefore, make sure the social sharing buttons are used to share the landing site, not the thank you webpage. By sharing the latter, other people won’t learn anything about your offer.

Apart from including social sharing buttons, business owners should consider inviting visitors to follow them on social media. Given these users are already appealed to your business, why not encourage them to become your followers on social media. Make sure to include a couple of social media profile links, such as Facebook and Instagram. Refrain from including all profiles in order not to overwhelm visitors. Follow this link, https://www.thebalancesmb.com/understanding-the-role-of-social-media-in-marketing-2296140, to understand the role of social media in marketing.

Encourage users to refer a friend

One of the most effective strategies that helped a myriad of online businesses gain popularity is encouraging visitors to refer a friend in return for getting extra value. By referring a friend, individuals can receive a free trial, a coupon, or other free content.

Nevertheless, in order to stimulate users to refer your products to their friends, the value you offer should be appealing enough for them to take such an action. This strategy is an excellent method of free promotion, which increases the chances of people becoming aware of your business. Make sure the sharing option is convenient to use, as people won’t waste time on complicated sharing procedures.

Include testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful method for persuading potential customers into giving your business a chance. Thank you pages provide an opportunity for you to include social proof in the form of positive testimonials. It’s an excellent way of preventing buyer’s remorse, which often happens after customers purchase a product.

When offering a free guide to potential customers, make sure to include a couple of positive testimonials by individuals who found the same guide helpful and educative. Such testimonials are likely to persuade people into reading them. Also, use your thank you page to include some customer reviews related to your business in order for users to get familiar with the quality of your products and services.

Final word

Such a simple page is capable of engaging visitors and promoting your business.

Make sure to give it a shot!

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