Look Out For These Test Automation Trends In 2021

2021-03-04 by Samuel D

Adoption of technology has become a critical component for most businesses. With it comes the need for test automation to ensure the quality of software. Only then can they be sure of higher efficiency and optimal user experience. 

The test automation market is growing very fast. As of 2019, the industry brought in over $40 billion. Industry experts predict a 6% annual growth from 2020 to 2026. With so much innovation, there is a lot to look forward to.

So, what test automation trends should you look out for in 2021?

1. Codeless or Scriptless Automated Testing

One automation testing trend to look out for in 2021 is codeless automated testing. It uses visual modeling and artificial intelligence for building test cases. Best of all, the teams will not need to have any coding knowledge. It makes it easy to learn, and the reviews are easy to read.

Since it does not use code, even non-technical staff can understand the reports. Further, the teams can generate test scenarios on a need by need basis. The business will save on time and money, which is critical in these tough economic times.

2. Hyper Automation Testing

Hyper automation testing is another trend to look out for. It applies artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). Businesses get to save on time and money by minimizing manual processes.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is by no means a new concept. Yet, the demand continues to rise every year. Industry experts predict that by 2025, global Investment may be as high as $200 billion.

We can expect its application in various areas. Such include visual testing, differential testing, and self-healing automation. Self-learning algorithms increase efficiency by removing the need for constant human supervision. It also allows for more significant test coverage. 

Predictive Analytics can forecast future challenges allowing for an increase in the coverage area. Artificial intelligence also removed the inconvenience of manual, repetitive tasks like regression testing.

4. Combination of Automation and Manual Testing

Manual testing remains critical with regards to software testing. The reality is that automation helps but cannot completely handle all the scenarios. Manual testing will still be necessary for some processes. Such include testing user experience, design, and usability.

5. DevOps and Agile Blend in Automation Testing

DevOps and Agile are popular trends in many organizations. They allow for Swift deployment and optimal collaboration between developers and testers.

Agile Takes care of continuous development and testing of processes. DevOps helps with cross-departmental collaboration. The combination of the two results in higher efficiency and high-quality product. It saves on costs, and products can go out faster into the market. Developers can detect bugs early in the lifecycle and correct them in good time.

6. DevTestOps

An organization may need to deploy specific changes to its systems. It needs to do this efficiently so as not to interrupt the processes. It is also necessary to continue to run continuous testing even with the deployment. That is where DevTestOps comes in. It allows for fast testing while ensuring high-quality output.

7. Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Automation Testing

The Internet of things is a critical component for most technological development. With 5G technology, we can expect bigger and better things in the marketplace. Automation testing will incorporate combinations of different devices, protocols, and operating systems. 

There will be a demand for better security and performance. It will also ensure data integrity and software testing compatibility. IoT products are also vulnerable and will need efficient testing.

Companies that generate a lot of data need end-to-end testing. The data is critical for decision making resulting in better business strategies. There is a need for greater accuracy and data integrity to ensure higher quality data.

8. Security and Risk Compliance Testing

2021 will see product developers pay more attention to data security and risk compliance. Companies like Facebook have had incidences where customer data has leaked. Many countries have laws with regard to data privacy regulations. Some even restrict the use of customer data for running test scenarios. 

Companies need to invest in relevant automation testing to adhere to the regulations. Synthetic data generation and masking will help simulate real data. It helps companies avoid the risk of breaking privacy rules.

9. Robotic Process Automation Testing

Robotic process automation testing helps simplify manual processes. Areas like regression, load, and performance testing have seen the benefits. But now, the use is expanding into exploration and usability tests. 

With more large-scale applications, companies will produce better quality products. There will be higher efficiency in-process data digitization. It will also help businesses follow industry regulations and standards.

10. Performance Engineering

Customer experience is becoming the main focus for many companies. Software and IT Companies must apply stringent quality standards. It must happen at every stage of the development cycle. Quality standards rectify performance issues right from the very beginning. 

Performance engineering will look at scalability, stability, and app speeds. Developers detect any glitches that may affect the performance of the final product.

We need to distinguish between performance engineering and Performance testing. The former is a continuous process that occurs at every stage of the development cycle. Performance testing looks at the final product. That is why it falls under quality assurance.

Testing allows the teams to create relevant metrics. It helps ensure good performance right from the design stage. 

Customers get better products due to the emphasis on the testing of each part of the product development.

Final Thoughts

There are very many automation testing trends to look forward to in 2021. We have mentioned ten of the ones we believe are very beneficial to organizations. The trends will help cut down costs and improve efficiency in the processes. Also, customers can be sure of higher quality products. 

Even with automation, manual testing is still critical. That is why we have included it as one of the trends that will still be important in 2021. Companies need the right balance of manual and automation testing for optimal efficiency.

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