Hosting Plans – Does It Really Matter What You Choose

2021-01-20by Clayton Richard

Every website on the Internet needs a hosting platform. Hosting companies offer a range of plans for various websites. Many website owners think that the hosting plan they choose does not matter. However, hosting plans can have several implications for business and revenue generation.


Therefore, you must ensure that you choose a hosting plan according to the performance you need from your website to avoid pitfalls. It will ensure that your business website runs smoothly and your customers stay happy.


Web hosting companies offer physical server space where you can store the files needed to run your website. Therefore, the hosting plan is basically the rent the company charges you to use the allocated space on their server for your website. Let us briefly discuss the different types of hosting plans offered by companies. You can categorize hosting plans into three options:


  • Shared hosting: your files get stored on a server that also hosts many other websites. Your website speed can get affected by the number of files stored on the server and the traffic generated by other websites. Shared hosting is also the least secure.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): your files still get stored in a shared server, but a specific amount of space is dedicated to your website that no one else can access. That means the traffic generated by other websites may not affect the speed and security of your site.
  • Dedicated hosting: you will have a dedicated server all to yourself. That means you will get the best speed and security for your website, but they come with an expensive price tag.


All of these hosting plans can be either managed or unmanaged. Companies that offer managed web hosting plans will take care of security, updates, and support for you. However, for unmanaged plans, you will have to do all that yourself. Now that you have a firm grasp of the different types of website hosting plans, let’s see why your choice matters.


As a business owner in the current market, your website is the most necessary tool to generate revenue. Therefore it should be up and running all the time, and any downtime can result in loss of business.


All types of web hosting companies have occasional downtimes allocated for maintenance or updates. However, responsible companies schedule these downtimes and notify you in advance so you can prepare your organization. Some of them also take additional measures to ensure that your website does not stay off-line for too long.


But with shared hosting, dependability can be an issue from time to time. Your website might have to run on decreased bandwidth if there is a lot of traffic load on the server. Shared hosting servers are also prone to crash when there is an overload of website traffic. However, you can avoid these pitfalls with the VPS or dedicated server.


When you’re running a successful business, you have plans of growth ahead of you. That means you will have to keep adding several features to your website. You will also expect your website to generate a substantial amount of traffic. That means you will need hosting services that can scale up as your website does.


You will also need additional server support during peak periods or when you run offers on your website. A VPS or dedicated server can offer you the means to ensure that your website can grow and evolve with time.


With these hosting services, you can rest assured that you will be ready if your website gets flooded with customers. A managed hosting plan can offer you added resources whenever you need them. A lot of businesses have benefited from this article about the best-dedicated hosting plans by Neil Patel.


As we mentioned before, the web hosting services you choose can affect the security of your website. If your website handles sensitive data such as payment details or personal information, you have to ensure that it stays safe. A security breach to your business website cannot only result in loss of data, but it can also tarnish your company’s reputation.


Shared hosting provides the least number of security features because many websites have access to the same server space. On the other hand, many hosting companies offer added security features that have been designed specifically for VPS or dedicated hosting. These perpetual security initiatives can protect your website from cybercrimes.

Customer Service

Website hosting companies should always offer support on top of server space. The best hosting companies provide additional support to companies that opt for their VPS or dedicated hosting plans.


Moreover, if you subscribe to either of these two plans, you can demand added customer service if your website appears to be running slow. VPS or dedicated hosting services can optimize your website performance by scaling the images or managing video content. You can also approach them if you feel that you need to upgrade your hosting plan.


Every business website needs reliable hosting solutions since it can affect the success of your company. Therefore, consider the factors we discussed in this article to choose the right web hosting plan. Remember, a hosting plan can affect your business website traffic and revenue, so choose one that suits your requirements.

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