Digital ECommerce Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

2021-01-19by Sherry McKenna

If there’s one thing that was distinct in 2020, it’s that it saw rapid and significant adoption of digitization. The digital commerce sector’s growth has been accelerated by several years because of the restrictions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many storefronts have gone digital, work operations have shifted online, and eCommerce has enjoyed an unprecedented boom.


There isn’t a more critical moment to make sense of the shifting market than now. Brands that are able to make sense of the shifting market are able to identify the areas to focus on in order to improve the customer experience. The digital transformation trends for 2021 are:


Social Commerce

 Social networking sites have been incredibly popular for quite some time, but it’s only recently that more and more businesses have begun to take advantage of the reach of these platforms. This is especially true for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest because they deliver rich visual content. In fact, it’s through social commerce that retail websites have enjoyed an increase in referrals by 110%.

Automation In Customer Service

 Artificial intelligence is going to make a huge difference in automation. Chatbots are the most commonly-used form of automation and with AI, they’re going to become more than just a channel for customer service, they can even become a means to help consumers identify products that they need. This is especially useful for specialized products. Help Desk software is also going to see much more use, which is why it’s important to use software like the ones featured in helpdeskreviews.com so you’re able to establish a solid customer service model.


API Security

Since the increase in internet use, the demand for applications has also skyrocketed. The average corporation uses about 900 applications and each of these presents a vulnerability. Much like cybersecurity, there’s going to be an increased emphasis on API security in the near future. As we become more technologically adept, so too do the unscrupulous elements. Security is more than just about preventing intrusions. It’s also about building customer confidence that your brand is able to protect their information.


AR and VR Marketing Integration

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies have been around for quite some time but they have only begun to gain traction recently. Studies have shown that prospective buyers are more likely to purchase a product that they’re able to see. That is exactly the premise for AR and VR marketing. Whether it’s in a virtual tour of a house, or in how AR makes product presentation much more interesting, there’s a place for AR and VR in eCommerce, especially when buyers do not have the opportunity to check out a product in person. AR and VR can also enable brands to host live events that are able to reach a wider audience regardless of distance and travel restrictions.


These are the eCommerce trends that are set to take over the sector in the next few years. While there are many other technologies that are on the rise, these are some of the most worthwhile trends to follow.  We do not know what this year holds for us, but we can definitely be sure that the eCommerce sector is still bound to grow.

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