Top 7 Qualities That Every Android Application Developer Should Possess

2021-01-05 by Daksh Kapoor

In today's scenario, Online businesses increase the pace of Android development, as people spend most of their time using smartphones. 

According to the research, Businesses with Android application tends to grab the potential market faster. Thinking of an app might be an easy task but, how to develop it and from where is a difficult one. Android developers are in high demand because of the popularity of smartphones and tablets. We need to hire an Android application developer with a mix of soft and hard skills. There are many applications that make the life of many people simpler and easier like Uber, Ola, Big- Basket. Android developers who possess major qualities will easily create a competitive edge over others and stand out from the crowd.

Top 7 Qualities of Android Application Developer 

There are some major qualities that every Android developer must possess for long term relations with their clients. These are as follows:

1). Analytical Skills: Android developers must have analytical skills so that they can easily understand the expectation of the client and the user who is going to use the real application. This is the major quality of the android application developer. 

2). Communication Skills: Android developers must be the ones who ask the right question at the right time to get an insight into what clients want. Long term relations and trust-building demand good communication skills. The developer also needs to communicate with the team members and non-technical clients.

3). Creativity: Developers need to write clean codes that are user-friendly and leads to good coding practices. The skill of writing codes wholly depends upon the creativity of the developer. Developers are also required to think about how users integrate mobile phones into their lives. The job not only involves tech skills but also the ability to come up with out-of-box solutions. 

4). Problem Solving: There are many situations in which developers have to face many problems regarding the development process. As an Android developer, it is the duty of the developer to solve the troubleshooting issues. They have to be able to find and resolve the problems.

5). Programming Languages: There are different types of programming languages, Developers must be masters of the programming languages required for mobile application development. The Android Developers require JAVA, and IOS developers require Objective-C for mobile app development. If developers know both the platforms then they will stand out from the crowd.

6). Motivation: This is the main force driving all the work in every industry. The developer must possess internal motivation, whenever he loses hope. It is the biggest medicine for the developer to cope up with difficult times.

7) Multi-Tasking: It is very easy to handle one project at a time but the main problem starts when developers have to work with different types of projects altogether. It is necessary to possess this quality so that developers do not panic while handling different projects at a time.


In the end, we can conclude that there are many qualities that every developer must possess for long term relations and to stand out from the crowd. In the competitive world, if anyone wants to gain a competitive edge then it must necessary to know about both IOS and Android Development. 

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