Is Your Voice The Future Of Digital Communication?

2021-01-04 by Sheryl Wright

There is constant innovation in voice technology concerning the security and privacy terms of consumers. This article discusses the stages of voice evolution concerning digital communication.


Due to the continued advancement in the technology industry, voice technology began its development journey in the late 2000s. This was when voice entered into a new stage referred to as Instruct. This is the relationship between the users and their digital home device or digital assistant. We command the device to play a specific song, a certain pantry, among other things.

According to a recent analysis, over 50% of consumers depend on intelligent devices when it comes to shopping for food. About 49% of the people use intelligent tools to shop for items such as accessories and clothing. Voice tech is expected to continue rising among a significant number of people by 2022.


This is the second stage of voice transformation, voice assistants are currently being treated as waiters since they can take orders. In addition, the voice assistant can make recommendations apart from just receiving our orders. Major platforms such as Google and Amazon are now designing new voice technology in their platforms that promote effective monitoring, suggest recommendations, and enhance advertisement offers.


Shortly you will be able to acquire voice-tech devices that can detect your needs before you notice. The device can ask you whether you want to refill some of your depleted products that you might not be knowing. This stage of your voice transformation to digital communication is known as a prediction.

According to the recent trials, there is a virtual shop assistant that operates in a retail store offering recommendations to customers. This kind of digital communication has begun to make its way in different parts of the world especially in businesses. As technology continues to expand, the advantages of this mode of communication are multiple compared to disadvantages.


This is the most critical stage in voice transformation since there is a combination of humans and their AI companions. This technology makes the voice assistant work as a caregiver and a flagging potential health-related issues basing on the nuances of one’s voice that uses biometric monitoring and emotional recognition.

The voice assistant has the ability to recommend a glass of water when you sound thirsty or request a Zen moment when you sound stressed. Amazon has already installed this technology that aids in the detection of physical and emotional well-being from the voice-tech interactions. Many people strongly believe in using intelligent devices to take care of their children’s comfort and security.

Research reveals that many people will have attained the age of sixty years and above by the time we reach 2050, these intelligent devices will play a pivotal role to cater to such people. Voice technology is expected to take charge of the responsibilities of the caregivers and work correctly to ensure that both the aged and babies are comfortable.


This is the full-blown phase of digital communication. Predictions reveal that by 2049, we will have voice AI that is highly modernized and intelligent similar to a human being. You can consider the voice AI as a partner or a close friend that you can share ideas and emotions with. Some people might consider it an additional connection to other human relationships.

Most of the residents in the United States reveals that they are feeling loneliness. However, this is a small percentage of the individuals who have decided to express their situations, but the loneliness is growing dramatically, and it may turn out to an epidemic. Digital communication is also growing at an alarming rate to come and simplify the situation.

Currently, the link between voice and consumers is considered transactional. This situation is expected to change within the shortest time possible following the potential of voice technology. This form of technology has enhanced the transmission of voice and multimedia content through the internet connection referred to as VoIP. Voice technology has a tremendous potential to satisfy consumer needs with a complete human experience.

The world is heading to a more advanced future that will have more voice assistants in actions across all the industries.


Voice is undergoing great modifications to enhance digital communication. The above article discusses ways in which digital communication will transform the world.

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