Top WordPress Related Myths And The Truth Beyond Them

2020-12-23by Akashdeep Sharma

WordPress is known as one of the most popular CMSs available in the market. It is both user-friendly and affordable for merchants of every scale.

This makes WordPress a perfect platform for small scale merchants to create a website, blog, or online store to efficiently represent their business. Further, WordPress is well known for its versatility, since it provides a number of amazing themes and plugins to its users. Through these themes and plugins, WP users can easily create a personalized website to represent their business on the web.

Also with the help of a WordPress development company, merchants can create a custom WordPress website from the scratch as well. But in recent years, merchants have become hesitant to use WordPress as the choice of a content management platform for their business. This is because the market has been surrounded by myths related to WordPress’s performance in recent years. This has made merchants with zero experience in WordPress skeptical about its performance and quality. With this article today we will focus on debunking the myths related to WordPress and its performance. But before we dive into that let us take a look into the number of benefits offered by WordPress.

Benefits of using WordPress for content management

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms for the process of content management. Below is a list of the benefits of using WordPress for content management:

  • WordPress has a self-explanatory and easy to use dashboard. which helps users in creating, posting, and editing their content without writing a single line of code.

  • WordPress also provides its users the ease to indulge with third-party solutions by using plugins. Also with the aid of WordPress plugin developers, merchants can create custom plugins for their business.

  • Moreover, WordPress also has a huge community of merchants and developers that can aid beginners in discovering the required solutions for their business.

Top WordPress related myths and the truth beyond them

From the discussion above we can easily conclude that with the help of WordPress merchants can easily take their business to the next level. However, for this, merchants must study and understand the platform thoroughly. For this, they must see beyond the myths related to WordPress and experience its efficiency on a personal level. Below is a list of some of the top myths related to WordPress:

  • WordPress has poor Security: This is one of the most common myths regarding WordPress. However, this statement is not completely true, although bugs consistently lurk in the WordPress platform. But only when a merchant uses the outdated version and poor security their website gets affected by these bugs and security threats.

  • WordPress does not incorporate modern business solutions: This is also another myth that comes from the lack of understanding of the WordPress platform. WordPress not only provides merchants amazing plugins to incorporate the latest features such as chatbots in their website. But it also aid merchants to use website models such as Headless architecture for their business.

  • WordPress does not support eCommerce: Although WordPress can’t aid merchants to create an online store singlehandedly. But with the help of the WooCommerce plugin, merchants can easily incorporate eCommerce functionality in their business.

  • WordPress is not Versatile: With the availability of premade themes and plugins, it’s quite easy for merchants to assume that the WordPress platform doesn’t offer the scope of personalization. However, the truth is far from reality, as merchants can easily create custom themes and plugins for their WordPress platform.

So in the end we can say that WordPress is an amazing platform that supports the overall growth and development of a website. By using WordPress merchants can easily achieve higher profits and sales.

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