The 4 Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce

2020-12-03by Catherrine Garcia

WordPress remains an integral part of the online world because it hosts so many websites. But despite their size, WordPress can’t offer every tool and resource that businesses need, so people have developed plugins that others can use. This way, businesses can easily add more features to their WordPress websites by downloading or purchasing plugins.

If you need more features to help your WordPress website, then look no further than these four useful plugins.

1. Omnisend for WooCommerce

It can be difficult to manage your online marketing, especially if you want to integrate your WordPress site with your other channels. Luckily, you can download Omnisend, which stands out as one of the best WooCommerce extensions. This plugin will replace many of the smaller plugins you’re already using and allow you to do everything from one easy-to-use platform.

Omnisend for WooCommerce (the ecommerce extension for WordPress) simplifies your marketing activities with the following marketing automation features:

  • Create workflows that automatically send messages and information to your customers.
  • Incorporate several channels into the same automation workflow for an immersive experience: email, SMS, push notifications, and more.
  • Segment your audience and use A/B testing to improve your metrics.
  • Use building tools to create sign-up forms and emails that you can incorporate into your automation.

This above example shows how you can create an email with a personalized discount for your subscribers. For example, let’s say that you want to create an email that sends birthday discounts. Using the easy, drag-and-drop builder and the many, ready-to-go templates that Omnisend provides, you can whip up an attractive and engaging email in just a few clicks. By implementing this into an automation workflow, it’ll automatically send on your customer’s birthday without you having to lift a finger.

Omnisend offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to check out the plugin for yourself. Afterward, you can use their Free Plan for basic email marketing and send 15,000 emails a month or start as low as $16 a month to gain access to SMS, automation, and chat support.

2. Just Writing

Some people struggle with distractions when they need to write content for their websites - that’s perfectly normal! Some people just don’t enjoy writing, so their attention might be drawn to other parts of the website, sidetracking them from the content they need to make. This makes Just Writing the ideal plugin for wayward writers.

Just Writing allows you to get rid of anything that might distract your attention by allowing you to customize and adjust the plugin while offering the following features:

  • Allows various commands, such as Align Left or Font Size, to make changes without leaving the editor.
  • Lets you add and remove the toolbar.
  • Allows you to set it to Distraction Free Writing (DFW) Mode so you can only see the text.

The above image shows how minimalistic you can be when using DFW Mode. It only allows you to create a title, write the text, save, and exit the plugin. This makes it useful in multiple ways: for example, if you get distracted by the toolbar, then you can use DFW Mode to remove it.

Just Writing works so well because it removes anything that can distract you while allowing you to customize the plugin according to your needs. Just Writing is a free plugin, so you can immediately download it, try it out, and use it on your website for as long as you want.

3. Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an incredibly important role in digital marketing and spreading your online presence. This plugin allows you to adjust your WordPress website to focus on your energies on SEO - so you can get the organic traffic through search engines that you deserve while you work on your website.

Yoast SEO has various features that you can use to help you optimize and improve your website:

  • Templates for titles and meta descriptions.
  • Allows you to edit your titles and meta descriptions all at once with the bulk editor.
  • Provides an analysis of your website so you can see what improves your SEO and what you need to adjust.

This image is a good example of how Yoast SEO can help you out. It reports the positive aspects of your website’s SEO while pointing out problems and areas that you can improve. This makes it easy to know what you should continue doing with your content, and what you need to change up and optimize.

Yoast SEO allows you to download a free version while giving you the option to upgrade to the Premium version. Premium will inform you about outdated pages, give you suggestions for internal links, and provide you with other cool features. Yoast SEO Premium costs $89 to have permanently on your website while providing free updates and support for a year.

4. Smush

Quick load speeds are important to every internet user - nobody likes waiting around for things to load! This mean that you need to optimize the load times for your WordPress site. Compressing your image files is the easiest and best way to accomplish this, making Smush a key plugin for ecommerce websites.

Smush focuses on compressing your images so they will take up less space, allowing your webpage to load quicker. Here are some examples of the features available in this plugin to make the compression process easier for you while saving you some time:

  • Compress images up to a certain point without sacrificing the image quality.
  • Use image resizing to give all images a max height and width so that the plugin will auto-adjust them during compression.
  • Compress up to 50 images at once.

As an added bonus, the plugin will show you the progress of your current image compressions. However, you’ll need to keep the page open when compressing your images, so keep this in mind when you download the plugin!

Many people use Smush because it can help them to optimize their file sizes and deliver lightning-quick load times on their website. On top of this, Smush is a free plugin, making it an excellent option for businesses of any size. Due to these factors, Smush stands out as one of the best and most efficient image compression plugins on WordPress.

Final Comments

People the world over choose to create websites through WordPress because it gives them all the flexibility they need with plugins. They allow you to easily add various tools and resources to create custom websites, making it look and act exactly the way you imagined it would!

So if you’re looking to improve, customize and optimize your ecommerce website (aren’t we all?), make sure to look into these handy WordPress plugins, and some of the many, many others out there to choose from!  

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