How And Why DevOps Benefits Your Business Process

2020-11-30 by Lauren Wiseman

Considering the speed at which technology is evolving and thus reshaping the business world, it’s only a matter of time before even the smallest of businesses realize the importance of implementing these innovations in their operations. This fast-paced evolution has brought on a greater need for business agility. That doesn’t refer solely to the IT sector, although that is where the notion has found its most diverse application. Precisely because of the need for more business agility, DevOps has become the go-to solution for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Increased automation every step of the way, immeasurable flexibility, and similar perks of DevOps allow this particular approach to be extremely useful for any business. If you are still uncertain whether or not your own company should transform its operations to embrace DevOps and its accompanying structural changes, here are a few perks that can sway you in the right direction. 

Elevated collaboration across the board

The key to any brand’s success lies in its people. DevOps might be treated as a set of tools and methodologies, but in essence, it’s a people-centric solution that makes your employees’ jobs significantly easier. Since you can use the cloud to leverage your DevOps processes (to which we’ll get shortly), your teams can collaborate smoothly and seamlessly. 

The very philosophy of DevOps relies on effective collaboration, as it harnesses the power of cross-departmental teamwork in a unified approach. The transparency that comes with using DevOps makes it simple for your teams to work together on the same project in an agile way, all the while learning and improving.

Leveraging your cloud-based infrastructure

The flexible nature of DevOps makes it a perfect set of processes if you want to move your business infrastructure to the cloud. As an agile solution, DevOps can easily be implemented with the help of advanced cloud providers such as Azure, with built-in security protocols, flexible hosting options, and development tools to match your ever-growing needs.

To make it simpler on your team, your business can benefit from managed Azure solutions that will help your DevOps team focus on your core processes and leave cloud maintenance to the professionals. All the tools your DevOps team needs can be safely deployed without hiccups on the cloud, and they can benefit from the increased security, compliance, and scalability in the process.

Smarter deployment and continuous improvement

No software solution is done and complete once you deploy its very first version. As you already know from industry leaders, apps and other solutions come with patches, updates, upgrades, and all kinds of additional improvements over time. Automated pipelines and testing help your DevOps team leverage cutting-edge tools as well as the most recent data to make your brand more relevant in the market. 

Most of all, your product is never stuck. DevOps makes sure that your product or service always has the opportunity to improve with data analytics, simplifying deployment of updated versions, security patches, and the like. 

Boosting customer experience

Feedback loops are a must-have when you start using DevOps for your business. Your developers and your operations managers thrive on relevant customer feedback, and the processes within DevOps allow just that: a continuous influx of customer data, suggestions, criticism, and praise to boost customer experience over time. This, on the other hand, gives direction to what you’re looking to create. Be it a brand-new app or a service, your target demographic knows precisely what they want. 

Since you’re able to seek, collect, and implement customer feedback, you’re bound to provide a solution that is based on what your target audience wants. That alone is more than enough to improve customer experience with DevOps and help your business build a more prominent presence in your industry. Not to mention that the speed at which you can deliver your offers will make your product more viable and cost-effective for the end user – another way to make your customers happy. 

Fast and efficient delivery 

The competitiveness of the business world pushes brands to continuously deliver their new products and services. For most, that means pushing each deadline and trying their best to get their new solutions out there as soon as humanly possible. Without an agile system at your disposal, constantly pushing out new products or services can be more than demanding, it can be detrimental for the quality that you promise comes with your brand. 

DevOps processes and methodologies allow any business to bridge the gap between speed, security, and quality. Automated processes that we’ve already mentioned that are empowered by DevOps allow your teams to focus on core tasks and assignments. Simplified and automated testing helps eliminate human error and bias, so that you can base your future solution iterations on relevant industry data. 

With such an agile approach, you can use business intelligence in a more structured way that will help you deliver the kind of offers your customers and clients will genuinely benefit from. 

Although DevOps is typically used among IT-focused businesses that deliver software solutions, your business, no matter your industry, can benefit from the approach. As a system of processes and methodologies, DevOps is exceptionally promising and allows you to grow in a scalable manner, all the while retaining and boosting the quality of services you provide. 

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