How To Humanize Chatbots?

2020-11-27 by Varun Bhagat

Chatbots are taking the tech world by storm. This technology — which helps humans converse with computers in their native language via a computer interface — is gaining popularity in a variety of scenarios, especially customer service. 

Effective chatbots will demonstrate an understanding of user needs and complement these needs with quick access buttons and images that depict the options available. By incorporating these visual aids, chatbots can reduce the time and effort spent on interacting with the chatbot, resulting in a quality user experience.

We are on the cusp of change, with some pundits such as the World Economic Forum predicting that the mainstreaming of bots will usher in the next industrial revolution. As the chatbot ecosystem takes shape, we see specialized chatbots emerging to address various user needs. In fact, Facebook boasts of 33,000 bots developed in just a few months of the launch of Messenger.

Here are some of the ways chatbots are being used:

1. Customer service

Most chatbots provide shopping assistance and product recommendations. After launching its Bot Shop a few months ago, the mobile messaging app Kik now has thousands of bots in the store. Almost all major brands are said to want a chatbot of their own.

2. Scheduling

Buying plane tickets, booking movie tickets and setting up meetings — these are tasks that chatbots can easily complete. For instance, Alaska Airlines’ virtual assistant “Ask Jenn” helps with ticketing and customer service.

3. Status checks

These include apps that report on the weather, local events and the news — basically everything you need to know from the Internet. Examples include Telegram’s weather bot and CNN’s chatbot for news.

4. Entertainment

Bots can also deliver entertainment by offering random quotes, funny videos and jokes such as Google’s Allo.

Now, we will move further to discuss that with time how Chatbots are improving and there is more need to humanize chatbots.

According to a study, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that Chatbots who are having human intelligence helps in improving the user experience as well as helps in affecting the user’s perception too. The more personalized and tailored the experience, the better.

Let’s have a look at some of the human-like qualities of the chatbots. Below are some of the ways to go with:

#1. Character Chatbot


This is one of the most popular ways in which companies represent their bots in the form of the character by creating them. This is one of the most efficient and effective ways of getting familiar with the customers. In this way, customers get easily comfortable with the brand. When customers get familiar with the brand, they feel comfortable to buy any product.

When you give a name to your bot, this helps in eliminating a cold connection with the customers. This is obvious that customers like to get connected where they feel a warm connection. 

If you introduce your products with the help of the bots in the form of characters who are having individual personalities, this helps the users to feel a special connection with your brand and helps further in humanizing the overall experience of interaction.

Do not forget that you cannot create a character of your brand unless or until you have mapped an identity of your brand. It is very important that the character should be related to your brand's identity so that it will help you in differentiating from the competition. 

#2. Visual Expression


Visual expressions are very important to make proper sense while communicating online through messages. So it often becomes difficult to express our emotions properly and this may cause misunderstanding too.

To create a proper sense we often make use of emojis and stickers. These emojis help to explain our emotions properly. And if we talk about the chatbots, they can well explain this with the help of making use of GIFs, images, videos, or emojis. So, it could be said that, when words are not enough to express the whole communication, then visual expressions are used to make whole sense.

When whole communication is cleared through visual expression, this will create friendly relations with the customers. So, it is really important to program your chatbot according to the user's needs so that they can feel free and friendly.

#3. Informal and Friendly Language

Always program your chatbot in a way so that they look more realistic to the users and visitors. If you program your chatbot in a way that they seem to talk more formally then this will create a void in the visitors and they will avoid talking much. This is obvious that formal communication will create a void among the hearts of the customers. When you want to create a friendly relationship, you need to make use of informal language.

So, in order to make your bot more communicable, you need to create a conversational user interface so that they can greet your customers enthusiastically.

#4. Emotional Responses

It's so easy and common to create a bot that can communicate accordingly and properly but it is more important to create a chatbot that can understand emotions and can respond accordingly. AI-based chatbots are really good at emotional understanding. AI-based chatbots can well understand the tone and the feeling of the users and can respond accordingly.

Besides using informal language, understanding emotions will add on one more charm to the relationship with the user. According to one study by Stanford University, adding emotional embedding into chatbots generates positive responses from users.

Final words

So after having a whole discussion, it could be said that AI-based chatbots can behave more like humans and to humanize chatbots is really important. Human-like chatbots can make better relations with the customer with their good ability to understanding.

Human chatbots are really good at responding according to the user's needs. So always program your chatbots keeping into consideration the AI technology. If you are getting the importance of this technology then do not forget to contact the best chatbot development services company in India that can give you the best service at the best cost using the latest technologies like AI.

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