Why Linux Shared Hosting Is The Better Choice?

2020-11-06by Nitin Kumar Gupta

The world of hosting is full of choices. It is one of the most competitive sectors across the internet. However, when one plans to start his website or blog, or any other project over the internet, Linux Shared Hosting is the right option to go ahead with.


What is shared Linux hosting?

Hosting in any form, which a user uses a server’s OS, which uses Linux is known as Linux hosting. Linux is an operating system similar to UNIX. It is supplied as a free and open-source alternative.

Linux was initially made as a free OS for Intel x86-based PCs in 1991. It has since become one of the most widely used open-source operating systems across the world.

Why is Linux the preferred choice for webmasters over Windows?

Windows make a fine choice for hosting, but certain factors shift in Linux’s favor to make it the preferred choice for hosting. With Linux hosting, the use of coding languages such as PHP, Python, CGI, and Pearl is enabled. They are a few of the most commonly used webmaster options.

Alternately, Linux is recognized to be among the most stable hosting providers. It offers more characteristics that can be used free of charge, in comparison with windows.

ASP or ASP.NET can be used with Windows hosting. But either of the apps tends to be difficult to use. Most of the bloggers, webmasters, and developers hence choose to go with Linux hosting over Windows hosting.


Top five benefits of Linux hosting

Several advantages come in with the availing of hosting services that use a Linux operating system. While it is a more inexpensive form of hosting, this makes it easier for one to begin a blog or a website. These are the factors that deliver a competitive advantage for Linux as a shared hosting provider.

1. Cost

Pricing is among the most significant advantages that come with Linux hosting. Linux is an open-source platform, and there are no fees involved with using it for hosting. A hosting business is hence empowered to keep its prices lower as compared to Windows hosting.

Hosting which is based on Linux frequently comes with several other popular and free applications, which include phpBB, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

2.  Flexibility

One can do a host of things using a Linux server, such as creating forums, multimedia applications, websites, blogs, or any other internet entities. A GNU or General Public License comes along with Linux. This makes Linux usable with a range of other distributions, such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SUE Linux. Linux is hence significantly more flexible as compared to a range of other operating systems.

3.  Security

Safety is often believed to be the most important advantage of a Linux server. This stands true especially in the terms of shared hosting. The server is recognized for its state of the art security features and has time and again proved to be safer than any other operating system.

4. Reliability

Linux was among the very first operating systems that were created and the degree of reliability that it makes available exceeds Windows’. For Linux users, reliability parameters sometimes fail to make it to the comparison list, because Linux is the outright choice.

5. Simplicity

Simplicity is another significant advantage that comes in with Linux shared hosting India. Hosting Linux is more user-friendly and easier than hosting windows.

Linux is considered to be an easy to use scheme because it can use PHP, Perl, and MySQL.

Final words

When we come to compare Windows and Linux, we come to see that Linux makes a matchless solution in comparison, in particular, if one is cautious regarding his online privacy. Linux distributions either collect very little information or none at all. Moreover, one would not be required to invest in any additional instruments to safeguard one’s privacy.

In terms of Linux hosting, something is available for all users. One can go through Linux shared hosting plans, and come across the best Linux shared hosting plans or cheap Linux shared hosting plans based upon one’s requirements.

The Linux cPanel hosting plans come with a range of promising state of the art features, which simplify hosting and bring success to your website, blog, or online venture.

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