Four Best Hosting Services For ECommerce

2020-10-21by Roy Miller

Setting up an online store is all the rage right now. As mentioned by Jeffrey Gregor from OVHcloud US, many businesses have opted to shift to digital marketing, with others still looking for the appropriate avenues to promote their products. The reason behind the sudden spike in online marketing services can be ascribed to the inclination of the public to purchase things online nowadays.


Cloud and business web hosting services, albeit the standard for many entrepreneurs, do not appeal greatly to customers, most especially those just starting in the e-commerce scene. Having an effective hosting service, therefore, ensures the performance of a website--fast, secure, and top class.


According to Best Ecommerce Builders, 53% of potential customers are most likely to be impatient. If an affair on a website leaves them feeling dissatisfied, it’s then dubbed a complete waste of time. When this happens, conversion rates decrease to 7%, thwarting the influx of possible customers just because of a delay.


To keep the customers' interests ensured, business owners should select the best site foundation. It is necessary to be practical and meticulous when it comes to this as it will decide the sales result.  


To help increase and maintain a business's pacing, here are four hosting services for eCommerce sites that are rated best. These foundations are designed to give the desired speed and performance of the business' website.


1. HostGator 

HostGator is a highly suggested eCommerce site that caters to beginners, with their hosting service bordering on beneficial and friendly. Starting businesses that need more guidance and care do not have to worry about this engagement.


 By integrating with HostGator, these key features will be experienced:


  • Free website domain for the first year. 
  • FTS accounts are unlimited
  • Easy installation for eCommerce shops


After the first free year, the price will range from $3.84 - $9.22 per month.


There is no doubt why it is the most recommended hosting source because it offers free access, lessening the risk of online shops in terms of finances. Aside from these beneficial vital features, it also poses these advantages as experienced by the users:


  • It gives excellent support by monitoring the server 24/7.
  • The uptime rate reaches up to 99% (It is considered above the industry average.).


HostGator is a friendly hosting provider that business owners should consider if they are still investing in better services. It is eCommerce-oriented with many inclusions. There are shopping carts and payment getaways to be enjoyed.


2. SiteGround

SiteGround is also one of the best hosting services because of its excellent offerings. Its features are deemed exceptional and one of a kind. These features are as follows: 


  • Integrated with CloudFlare CDN
  • eCommerce apps’ auto installation
  • SuperCacher feature that focuses on additional speed. 


For starter plans, the price begins at $3.95 per month. 


Besides these key features, SiteGround has pros that can dominate other hosting services. These include: 


  • It has an excellent support system with acquired knowledge and a community of its users.
  • It has a shopping cart installation. Along with this are eShop transfer and an eCommerce server for optimization.
  • It has free automatic daily storage and backups.
  • It is connected with WordPress. Updates and site supports will be enjoyed, as well.


There is no doubt why SiteGround is hot in the field. It is the default choice of business owners because it has a high-performing CDN. This best feature keeps the customers around the globe satisfied with their website's speed and quality performance.  


3. A2

This hosting source is adaptable to the demands of many online stores. A2 has many key features that provide a better service. These features are:


  • Turbo servers (increases the speed up to 20 times)
  • SSL Certificates options
  • SSD storage (unlimited disk space). 


The price starts at $3.92 a month.

A2 is included in the list of the best hosting services because of these advantages: 


  • It has an exceptional customer service provided by the Guru Crew.
  • For every plan, an SSL certificate is included.
  • It guarantees top security through a feature called Perpetual Security. This feature has a free hack scan, multi-layered firewall, and DDoS protection.


With these advantages and inclusions, A2 is considered one of the best. Its ability to adapt to the necessities of small and large businesses with the addition of integrated plans is impressive.


4. Bluehost

This hosting provider can dedicate their service to those who are using WooCommerce integrated with WordPress sites. It is the most popular among WordPress users as guaranteed by WordPress itself.


Its features are dedicated to giving quality service to eCommerce stores. These are the following: 


  • It has a one-click installation. 
  • It has regular backups. 
  • Its integration with WordPress is seamless.
  • It provides free SSL certificates, hotlink protection, Spam Assassin, and SSH.
  • It has an excellent uptime rate of 99.98%.
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